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Game of Thrones Episode by Episode #10

Apr. 6th, 2019 | 10:31 am

So there have been quite a few good episodes in a row...is this one the same?

Episode 10: "Fire and Blood"

The suffering conga-line continuesCollapse )

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Game of Thrones Episode by Episode #9

Apr. 2nd, 2019 | 10:53 am

Things are finally heating up and getting better...at last.

Episode 9: "Baelor"

Joffrey, you are a STUPID BOY!Collapse )

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Game of Thrones Episode by Episode #8

Mar. 10th, 2019 | 03:37 am

The first episode of Game of Thrones was a dud, with the second and third episodes better, but not good enough.  Then the Bud Knight commercial got me into this series again, so thanks to beer I don't even drink I decided to watch this show again. It has been dumb...but finally getting better as of the past few episode. Does this upward trajectory still hold?

Episode 8: "The Pointy End"

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #7

Mar. 9th, 2019 | 04:28 am

From this point on, I'm going to be hiding my summaries under cuts, because finally, we get actual plot development....except maybe at too rapid of a pace.

Episode 7: "You Win or You Die"

How can you be so stupid?Collapse )

Ned is being a fool, once again. He decides to confront Queen Incest with the truth he discovered, that Joffrey is not the king's son.  Inexplicably, he also deduces that Joffrey is her son sired by her brother. For no reason.  He also deduces that they nearly killed Bran for discovering this.  Again. OUT. OF. THE. BLUE.  I seriously cannot understate how poorly grounded these revelations are for Ned.  It's as if someone handed him a copy of the scripts of the other episodes, then filled him in.

Incest Queen cries that she shared a womb with her brother and the other families have resorted to incest to keep their lines pure, but  Ned warns her to leave to spare her Robert's wrath.  Again, he's stupidly antagonizing the Mama Lion.

At the same time, we get Incest Charming's father effortlessly skinning an animal in more gore porn. Bad Dad tells his son he screwed up, but gives him some men and tells him to make up for his error and giving him some men.

Also, we get Littlefinger (the gray-templed guy who will henceforth be known as Don't Trust Me, Bro) at his brothel explaining to girls who were performing for him how he learned to be a crafty fox.  So we get both sex and gore in a double feature.

Speaking of gore, though, the plot development of the episode is Robert. Somehow he got mortally gored by the board on the hunt and is at death's door.  Before he dies, Robert makes peace with Ned, telling him to call off the hit on Daenerys, and also telling him to take care of Joffrey.  Robert also instructs Ned to essentially be the executor...and Ned does, with one change -- he substitutes the words "my rightful heir" instead of "my son Joffrey." Don't Trust Me, Bro tells Ned to use the information of Joffrey's heritage as leverage, but Ned wants to do the right thing and bring in the true heir.

Elsewhere, Robert's posthumous assassination attempt involves a merchant who tries to serve Deanerys poisoned wine in the marketplace. He gets caught, so they make him march naked while tethered to a horse, to slowly start evening up the full frontal male nudity to full frontal female nudity ratio. Plus Kal Drago now gets Iron Throne Fever and wants to mark on the capital to sit on the "iron chair."

Also, at the wall, Jon sees that his Uncle's horse has come back from a trip to the wilderness without Uncle. Meanwhile, Jon whines about being a "steward" and not a "ranger" but goes to take his vows to the Wall anyway.  Soon after, his direwolf pet brings Jon a severed hand. So is Uncle dead, or is he UnDead now?

It doesn't matter, though, because back in the capital, the king has died and Joffrey is on the throne, now king and ready for bloodshed. Gloating, Queen Incest tells Ned to kneel and Ned isn't having it, so a fight breaks out between the throne's forces Ned Stark's contingent...and Don't Trust Me, Bro holds a knife to Ned's throat.

Other Notes

  1. If only Viserys had waited 24 hours, he would have been able to whip the people in a frenzy and gotten them to attack the capital.  It's better that he's dead, as Kal Drago deserves the throne and that self-proclaimed Dragon needed to die on general principle,

  2. Seriously, I'm staring to see there the Game of Thrones and Attack on Titan jokes are coming from, because there are a lot of thematic similarities...except this show has a lot more sex...and even a lot more gore, which is amazing since Attack on Titan is about man-eating monsters.

  3. I'm still sticking to the "Jon Snow is Robert's child" theory for now.  It can't be a coincidence he swears fealty to the wall the same day the king dies.  The only thing that concerns me is that if he were Robert's bastard son, he couldn't claim the throne. Not unless Robert had been secretly married but drank it out of his memory when his wife dies...but that's too convoluted, even for this show.

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #6

Mar. 6th, 2019 | 01:35 am

I'm waiting for this fantasy soap opera to give me some sort of payoff and so far, it has been little but sex. shock value, and gratuitous violence, although there are some genuinely high spots (like Episodes 2 and 3).  But wait, could there be payoff around ?

Yeah, there are mild spoilers from here out....as there is...some reorganization...of the cast.

Episode 6: "A Golden Crown"

If you have never watched Game of Thrones, don't click here.Collapse )

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #5

Feb. 26th, 2019 | 11:49 pm

So far, Game of Thrones has been Must-Miss TV, although there have been some bright spots.  This show is cruelty porn and I'm waiting for this show to at least hook me.  If it weren't for the fact that people are referencing this junk left and right, I'd have given up by now.

Episode 5: "The Wolf and the Lion"

We pick up with Mama Stark holding Tyrion Lannister captive, with Tyrion pointing out that if he were to have planned out and tried to kill her son, he wouldn't have used his own dagger (recent events with hate crime hoaxes have made this unintentionally hilarious).  Of course, Mama Stark wants justice and now wants to take him to see her sister for some reason,  But because things can't be easy, and because people's lives are just fodder for the pain machine, they get ambushed by some hill people, and only Mama Stark, Tyrion, and a couple of her helpers survive.

We eventually see said sister, and she's yet another person with mental issues in this show, literally nursing a boy that will be going through puberty soon. Sister MilkMaid puts Tyrion in a dungeon missing a wall that is at the edge of a cliff, which aside from the exposure does give me the willies; I move in my sleep so I can easily see someone sleepwalking off the side.

Do we have to lay it on this thick for the Imp for pain? At this rate, I'd rather Tyrion actually be guilty of ordering the hit on Bran, because this show is making him suffer as much as the women do.

And, of course, the women get to be sex objects, and the slow progress we were getting towards agency has tapered. We also get an LGBT sex scene, although in comparison to the women having full frontal nudity, everything is more "restrained" with discretionary cuts...on HBO.

But the main meat of the episode comes when Arya (yes, I had to cheat to look up this girl's name, as I thought it was Alya) overhears a conversation between two figures. Worse yet, the king, who opens the episode in a jovial mood, now is angered by the news that Daenerys is pregnant and Ned Stark has to oversee her death.

Ned, of course, refuses because while he has no problem with hacking off the head of a coward yet draws the line at murdering a pregnant woman, then quits his job.  But his "friend" Littlefinger (who is so obviously bad news at this point) decides to tempt him by telling him about the last person John Arryn saw before he died.  So Ned takes the bait, Incest Charming intercepts Ned, leading Ned to declare that he is behind his wife's abduction of Tyrion.  Incest Charming fights Ned and one of the Lannister's fighters deeply wounds him in the leg...and that's it.

More notes:

  1. I mean, why are they prolonging this whole Daenerys is "with child" arc?  I haven't looked up Daenerys other than to spell her name, and even then I let Google make the suggestion.  But this baby isn't surviving to term.  Again, I've seen too many soap operas to see where this is going.

  2. Flower Knight annoys me.  Here you think that Sansa found a boy she liked and as a result there'd be a triangle, but, no he's as gay as Zoisite from Sailor Moon...and as much of a schemer as well.  A 2010s show is regurgitating 90's gay stereotypes. Two Snaps Up!

  3. The Mountain is a sore loser.  That poor horse!

  4. Where was the oldest legitimate Stark boy?

  5. Bran's scene was supposed to be exposition, but I could not make out half the dialogue and I don't care to replay it. He's rightly mad at his mother for deciding to pursue vengeance instead of being by his side.

  6. The deterioration of Ned Stark and the King's relationship happened awfully fast.

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #4

Feb. 14th, 2019 | 01:33 am

So I started watching Game of Thrones, and then I stopped, because the series didn't hold my interest, even though it got better. However, I've picked it up again, only because it's necessary to understand pop culture these days.

Episode 4: "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

After the past couple of episodes, I was disappointed in how nothing of value seemed to happen in it,  I did like some of the swinging establishing shots from a visual perspective, but overall, it decided to rely on more pointless violence to tell a tale...of filler.

At the wall, Jon Snow decides to take a rotund weakling under his wing and decides to play hero.  This is almost a step back for Jon, because the previous episodes showed that he has a lot to learn, but now he's in "good guy" mode.  Since I know his role grows larger in this tale due to pop culure spoiling that he takes over the narrative, this worries me.

Meanwhile, in town, Ned is looking into the death of the noble (and not a king like I previously thought), Jon Arryn.  It took me four episodes to realize this guys name, and I still don't care. They speculate a woman did him in with poison, but that he was a eunuch and would have no use for female companionship.  Maybe someone better think to check the conscience of the queen.

This episode tries to make us see things from Daenerys's dirtbag brother's point of view; it doesn't work. He is so unlikable that I can only hope Kal Drago comes and kills him just for being annoying.  Frustrated about not having his promised army and realizing he is essentially nothing in the company of people not like him, he starts taking it out on his sister, who is using her regency to her advantage.

Manwhile, Tyrion continues to be a seeming voice of reason as he travels.  Maybe he's a really good manipulator who has bad intentions, or maybe he's the token good Lannister in this evil Lannister clan.  It's really hard to tell what his game is from his scene with Bran where he presents Bran with a special saddle to allow him to ride, which is easily the best scene of the show. I really hope he is on the side of a lighter shade of grey, because these people are not just evil, but boringly evil.  Yes, including the guy with the white temples who's probably going to betray Ned. I don't trust him, either.

Yet at the end, Mama Stark decides to show her hand and declares to Tyrion with her backup that she will have him arrested for trying to kill her son. This really screams "bad idea."  If Tyrion is guilty, he'll Lannister up.  If Tyrion is innocent, then you've created your own enemy out of distrust.

More notes:

  1. It's very interesting looking at the joust having watched this episode for the first time after watching that infamous Bud Light crossover Super Bowl commercial.  It takes on an entirely different light if you have watched this episode.  I thought the Bud Knight just got knocked out.

  2. Daenerys isn't having that baby. I've seen too many soap operas to see where this is going. I gather the over and under before miscarriage or stillbirth is two episodes from now. I take the over.

  3. And we're still in "introducing characters" mode, we get yet another entrant in this crowded mess, "The Mountain."  He enters this mess by killing someone.

If I can get through this season, maybe future episodes will go easier.

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #3

Jan. 13th, 2019 | 04:15 pm

So I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, and to me it was a confusing dud of violence, sex, and shock value.

I watched second episode of Game of Thrones, and it was surprisingly coherent sword opera where there was not only good drama, but a well-contained story with an actual point to the episode.

Where does Episode 3 lie? Let's find out!

Episode 3: "Lord Snow"

Whereas the first episode was supposed to introduce us to this wonderful fantasy world and the second episode was more of a proper introduction to the Starks, this third episode seems more like a better introduction to the series overall.  Heck, if you just game someone a quick chart with the characters and a brief synopsis of what happened, then this episode actually seems to make sense as a starting point.

I was confused why Mrs. Stark had to go ride all the way to the capital, when her husband had to turn back from the capital to take care of the whole Joffrey/Sansa business.  Couldn't she have just had a quick word with her hushand before he went back to the city?  What was the need for her to go there and attract all that attention.

Still, I liked how they clarified what Ned Stark is supposed to be doing there. He's the King's Hand and thus taking care of all the petty things the King doesn't have time for; this is more than we got in the past few episodes, and even someone like me who is GoT ignorant can tell this is supposed to be one of the main plot threads.

Also, this show waits until the third episode to explain something critical; that this land has mystical winters and summers that last years.  This gives some desperately needed context to the whole "winter" deal.

I also like the continued relationship between Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.  It seems like Tyrion Lannister is the only person with an both actual heart and brain in this whole mess.  Everyone else is good-hearted but naive/idiotic or scheming and cruel.  He listens to people, he gives good advice, and though the wheels are turning in his head, he seems like he's scheming to keep this kingdom together.  And young Jon is starting to pick up on how despite being the "bastard" that he has been privileged his entire life.  In addition, the exposition that was too brief in the first episode and touched on upon the second episode is more clear here.  The wall is actually a big deal.

Again, though, I also do like Joffrey's character.  He's supposed to be coming across as this insufferable brat his mother reins in, but it's clear this boy just needs some real guidance, discipline, and a firm hand.  Heck, if the younger Stark sister (I still can't catch her name) were a little older, their parents should ship her with Joffrey, not Sansa.  They're both immature and annoying, but her devotion to truth and family would balance against his propensity to lie, and she could wield a sword and protect him. I could see where this character could easily develop and become more heroic and rebel against his family, but sadly. pop culture has spoiled me on this regard. I just hope if he gets worse then at least he overthrows his mother and uncles (yes, even Tyrion, who doesn't seem to have done something wrong; villains need victims).

Other notes:

  1. This Mad King must have been related to the platinum-haired Targaryen.  Maybe that explains why Daenerys' brother (whose name I still haven't caught) is such a jerk. Craziness runs in that family.

  2. So Incest Charming slew the Mad King who killed Ned's brother.  No wonder these people don't get along.

  3. Daenarys is becoming a queen both in mind and in body, and becoming more of one of Kal Drago's people in spirit.  I just worry her brother might do something to ensure she doesn't come to term with that bun in the oven.

  4. The Lannisters essentially own the kingdom by holding the crown's debt. So let's see. The Lannisters betrayed the old king, married into the royal family, and now have all the coin.  They're already running the show; that only makes Incest Charming's actions phenomenally stupid in the pilot.

So far, this show isn't must-see TV, but I can see where it would appeal to a crowd that likes this type of stuff.

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #2

Jan. 8th, 2019 | 02:46 am

After watching the first episode of Game of Thrones in entirety, I was on the fence of giving his show up.

Episode 2: "The Kingsroad"

So this episode...is a lot better than the first one and much more easy to follow along.

What strikes me is how much more coherent the second episode is than the previous one.  The first episode was supposed to be full of character establishing moments, but it threw too many people, terms, and places at us at once.  Here, we have an actual plot and a concrete theme of the episode. "Hold on tight to your family, because a divided house cannot stand."

This time we still don't get any undead horror action, but we also don't get as much gratuitous sex. The character interactions, which came across as flippant, are done with more care here now that there isn't the visceral imagery to distract the viewer.  A lot of the violence done is less over the top, albeit no less brutal.  In fact, they're more effective because of discretion shots and restraints by comparison to the excessive pilot.  Even the sex scenes we do get push the plot and character development forward, sowing seeds of how a victim can gain agency in even the worst predicament.

Plus, we get our proper introduction to Joffrey.  Given how much people have talked about the character, I know he gets worse, but I'll be honest, I don't see as what he did was all that bad in this episode.  He gets slapped around by his uncle, bit by a direwolf everyone knows shouldn't have been raised as a dog in the first place, and has his authority undermined.  Sansa's bratty sister (whose name I still don't remember) was supposed to be a host.  He was a jerk and a bit of a bully, but what followed was inhospitality. Right now, I'm Team Joffrey, even if he is a liar.

Heck, he's more an interesting character than his mother and other uncle who are just self-serving incestuous jerks.

I'm a little thrown off by the whole "Jon Snow" plot thread.  In fact, there's obviously something off about this whole Jon Snow "bastard" situation, especially with Ned clamming up when the King askied him about the mother.  Is his mother one of those people from the clan who the King hated?  I would think not since this guy has pitch black hair while those people have light hair, but who knows with this show?  Or maybe the "bastard" story is a coverup and the boy is stolen from his people.  Maybe he's one of those kids from those celibate-in-name-only wall folk.  Or maybe Snow's mammy drugged and had her way with Ned.

Other random notes:

  1. Bran's still alive, Horray for infant immortality!

  2. Mama Stark defending against to that assassins makes me glad I don't have kids, because I could never do that in defense of a child.

  3. The King clearly knows his boy ain't right, but can't prove it either.

  4. Interesting how Ned's daughter went missing and immediately, the both Ned and the King turned around to find her, so there was no need to send word after him.

Had I judged the show by the first episode alone, I'd have run the other way.  The second episode is so much better.

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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #1

Jan. 1st, 2019 | 07:22 pm

I don't watch Game of Thrones and have no desire to watch Game of Thrones, but given how this fandom has permeated all things pop culture, I feel like I have to actually consume this show so I can understand what people are talking about.

Obviously, through pop culture, I am very vaguely aware of some series spoilers (although believe it or not, I did not know of the ones occurring specifically in this episode), so I can't pretend I am watching this show with completely unknown eyes.

Right now, I don't know if I'll be watching the episodes every day, five days a week, once a week, or even if I'll be back at all, but I'll definitely be taking it episode by episode and sharing my thoughts on each episode.

No, I don't have a pithy title for this series. If you have not seen this show before, beware, there are spoilers.

Episode 1: "Winter Is Coming"

This episode opens up with a highly effective, memorable, and suspenseful scene, one with interesting characters (even if they are stock figures), gruesome deaths, and corpses coming to life and killing people.

If I were to judge this episode by the first five minutes alone, I would say it was amazing.

Unfortunately...this energy is not kept.

After the attack, one guy reports it and is immediately dealt with in a dismissive, disposing fashion, and soon the drama completely abandons this gripping scenario in favor of some medieval-style political drama that doesn't make much sense because we're dropped in the middle of it and everyone does the "mumble dialogue" that is so commonplace on dramas these days.  I know the show creators were going for a very grounded feel to this fantasy, but with all of the butchery shots and the grim style, this is very off-putting and boring. Oh, there's still violence, gruesome, and shocking moments, as well as plenty of fan-service and sex (people complaining about True Blood are crazy).  In fact, if every episode from here on out is like this, I can see why people complain about this show's treatment of women.  In the very first episode women are just here to screw the guys or get screwed by them, and the girl who would be a Merida-like figure instead wants to get married.

Worse than boring, though, is confusing. If I didn't already know the names "Ned Stark," "Sansa Stark," "Joffrey," and "Daenerys" from pop culture, I would not have been able to keep track of who is who.  I still found it hard to keep track of who is who. In fact, after watching the episode, this is all I can gleam that happened.

  1. Some old king died and they put coins on his eyes.

  2. Some other king came into the small town of Winterfell to give Ned Stark a job offer as well as arranging a marriage between her daugher (Sansa) and the young blonde boy (Joffrey).  He accepts after his wife gets a letter about someone else we don't know getting killed.

  3. There's a blonde lady who is the sister to two blonde adults. These royals are all of the Lannister Clan, and clearly all of these adults like having sex.

  4. I still can't figure out how these people are related. Peter Dinklage is one brother to the other blonde adult, but whose kid is Joffrey?  And if the blonde lady is the queen, does this mean she's just a consort and her brothers are like Pippa Middleton, or they the actual royals and the king just a consort? Is she any relation to the other blonde lady (Daenerys)?

  5. Dannerys is sold by her brother as a bride to Aquaman so that he can rape her in exchange for an army.

  6. One of the Stark boys wants to go and work at the wall, but his uncle says no.

  7. Bran gets defenstrated after unwittinlgly watching some incest action. This was legitimately the only surprise as I thought Bran Stark was one of the main characters of this thing and only know of one Stark death that is to come.

To think, I only gleaned this much because I know these characters have larger roles later on. If I have never even heard these names, between that and the combination of the hushed dialogue, the gratuitious volence and sex, and the hyper "realistic" vibe, I'd have turned this show off and never returned.  I'm really debating about continuing this show.

Maybe this gets better by the second episode, but I can't figure out who is making alliances for what and why, but instead of being a mystery, it comes across as murky and clouded in comparison to that very first scene, where the designated roles are abundantly clear.

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