Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Writer's Block: Take a (second) chance on me

Have you ever given a friend or partner a second chance? What were the consequences? Any regrets?

This has happened to me countless times.  One person did burn me again, and I regretted it then.  Now, though, I look back and wonder what I was so angry about.

I'm far more open about it now than I was in the past.  If anyone, and I mean ANYONE comes up to me and says they want a second chance at being friends, I will give it to them, no questions asked.  They key there is that it has to be that.  NO, "I apologize if you apologize" or "we can be civil" or any of those lies.  Just say, "Can we be friends?"  Then I'll say yes and keep moving forward.
Tags: writer's block

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