Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

I need to be more forgiving...

It's just what the title says. While often my anger is justified in both intensity and scope, it's not good to hold onto it even if it is deserved.  I still think of those Amish who were able to forgive the man who went in their community and killed their kids.  It was natural to hate the killer, but instead, they not only made peace with the man's actions, but they even reached out the the killer's family.  If they can do that, surely, I can do that with less serious transgressions.  The right thing to do is to love people in spite of themselves.

I'm not going to erase any previous posts.  I don't hide my wrathful past.  I'm just going to make an effort to put aside any residual anger to anyone who screwed me over.  In my reality, I love you, and nothing is going to stop me from expressing that love.  Love is not hiding from people and saying you forgive them, yet not interacting with them to show that love.  That's avoidance and indifference, the opposite of love.  Love means you can go up to the person you don't like, and give them the shirt off your back if they need it.  That's love.

Loving your enemies is a difficult process, but the more you love them, the less they are your enemies.

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