Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Random Nonsense

Normally, I'm very anti-original when it comes to video games and anime. While I can understand people being upset at changes at the product, I'm not going to turn my back on a product I was introduced to and I love just because it changed a few things around.

But this time I have to make an exception. The original version of the theme song "Hikari" is ten times better than the English version "Simple and Clean" -- and I like the English version. The sound is mixed better in "Hikari" for starters, the words match the music more naturally, and the first part of the reprise/refrain is stronger. "Simple and Clean" works better for the commercial that was shown, it shows off the singer's range, and has a more laid back feel to it. But the Japanese version is better.
Tags: musings
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