Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Writer's Block: You must remember this

How do memories influence the decisions you make? Is it better to embrace memories, even the painful ones, or cast them off?

They influence every decision I make, and I do mean every.  Without the continuity of past experiences to guide me, I would be completely unable to make any choices beyond those that pertain to my physical safety.

Embracing memories is fundamental to one's individuality, but for the sake of peace and a more fulfilling life, it's better to cast them off and start anew, since most of the time, the conflicts people have with each other are based on painful memories people should let go.  However, this can only happen as long as everyone is reset to the beginning, with no actions, deeds, or accomplishments to reinforce those memories.  As long as there is evidence and communal opinion of what has happened in the past, memories can't be cast off, because then they aren't your memories which you can forget; they're a reality that is imposed on you.
Tags: writer's block

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