Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

NOT an April Fool's Joke

Despite proclaiming that this post would be the next entry after the one on the 27th, it turned out to the post after that entry after that due to my inability to resist the allure of the Writer's Block.

I have removed the full names of certain individuals -- most notably that of woekitten -- from my journal because they do not meet a certain threshold of notoriety. Despite the intense and very public nature of the hatred, threats, personal attacks, and malicious lies directed towards me and other people, they cannot be named in this venue.  There are names that have remained, and those individuals are notorious enough to be mentioned in a public fashion.

There is a bright side to this.  Strangely enough, I let these people get to me to the point where I had been ready to end it all. In fact after I posted on January 19, 2011, the attacks on my character not only continued, they intensified to the point where people were once again, coming after me over years old grudges and trying to sully my real name and my Internet identity.  Since these people are insignificant, I can't name them or shame them.  However, the fact that they were threatened by anything I wrote to the point of coming after me and passing along personal information speaks for itself.

To those who sent messages of support, I thank you.  I shouldn't run away from bullies.  I have to face them head on.

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