Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

More X7 nonsense

Don't worry, this isn't as long as the last one.

I chose Ride Boarski's stage and was worried it would be horrible because I was on a Ride Chaser. It turns out the stage is actually reasonable with a decent time limit, rescuable reploids, and a boss who I was able to beat in one try (gasp). Was this where I was supposed to start? I doubt it because I did have to use Gungaroo's weapon on Axl to beat Boarski.

The next stage, Spanish --I mean Splash -- Warfly's stage, was relatively straightforward and easier than the stages I played in my previous gaming. Unfortunately, Warfly himself is about as hard as Gungaroo and Stonekong in that his pattern's not that difficult, but between the tiny space you have to work with and his durability, it's hard to be patient. So after countless more tries I did beat him, but I'm getting worried.

See, I'm a perfectionist, so I want to -- no, have to -- rescue those darn reploids. That means that if a reploid dies, I'm going to reset instead of continuing the stage.

There's Tornado Tonion, whose stage I got part of the way through, but I'm stuck on the giant midboss. He takes too much damage and none of my characters can dish enough out. If I can rescue a few more reploids I'm upgrading the attack of my characters because these guys must be doing 1HP of damage against the enemy.

I've read the horror stories about Flame Hyenard...I'm more worried right now about rescuing reploids in that stage. They're ALL perilously placed near bombs of some sort and I have to actually be psychic (kill myself and reset) in order to rescue these fools. Say what you will about X6, but at least all I had to worry about were the Nightmares, not stupid bombs! I could just rescue one at a time, kill myself and save so that if I do screw up, I can still try again without losing the ones I already have.

With the cyberstage, I have the same problem. I have to destroy the samurai with that blasted Copy Shot (which means "Hello Axl"), but of course you can only hit him from the back. And by that time, it's bye-bye Reploid.

I haven't tried the Air Force, but considering the controls on this game, I'm dreading any jumping sequences.

The good news is that I finally got X. The bad news is that he sucks as badly as everyone else in this game. Damn, X, you should have just stayed on the sidelines. You're about as bad as Turnover Tommy was Sunday.
Tags: anger, mega man x, video games, whining

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