Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The Rumors...Are True!

Connosieur of Fail - Nadia Oxford

Gojira of the Sailor Moon Forum made the above picture, and he's right.

I am Nadia Oxford, woekitten.  I am a connoisseur of fail and a disgusting beast.  I generated the whole Tinsel Korey controversy to make a name for myself.  I make this confession to belatedly, after everything started to unravel.

At first, with two different styles and other help I could keep this charade going.  Just as something big would happen in Nadia's life, here, I as Nangbaby would pop us to stir up controversy and to play the heel.  This led to me getting bigger and better jobs and allowed me to pimp my shit in a way that would boggle even Stephen Hawking's mind.

Alas, I got greedy.  As people realized I lied, I fawned over Oxford less slovenly.  Sucking up couldn't keep everything running smoothly, though.  The time for truth is here.

I'm too sleepy to write a proper confession, having stayed up all night.  But I tricked everyone, from the Toronto Sun to  Nangbaby = Nadia...the first letters were the same.  How people couldn't see through this, I'll never understand.  You'll probably buy my book, too (out later this month, guys), because you're so stupid that you won't look to see who wrote it.  I don't care.  Now I can finally start putting the "u" back in neighbour.

Edit:  While I shouldn't have to put this disclaimer, I can envision a humor-challenged person reading this and misunderstanding it. tl;dr April Fools.
Tags: guess what day it is, mechadrake

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