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So there's a new Sailor Moon anime...

I need to get my mind off this mess in Aurora Colorado, so impromptu rant-time!

It was announced earlier this month, two weeks to the day, in fact, that there is going to be a new Sailor Moon anime made, and that it will be released in Japan in 2013.  Strangely, in spite of the time that has passed, not much more is known about the new anime than when it was first announced.  To me, that is stunning, simply because of how resource-intensive of a production this is.  I am surprised there have been no leaks, no concept art, nothing other than the announcement and the event to confirm the anime's existence.

In spite of a lack of visual snippets, the chatter in Sailor Moon communities has changed significantly.  Instead of the endless arguments about finer points of canon, there has been an explosion in terms of speculation.  Instead of trying to refashion the old anime, possibility and imagination have taken root.  Strangely enough, many of the people who were most vociferous about wanting a redub of the English version have hardly mentioned the idea of any dub, let alone a redub, in the time since this announcement.  In fact, several of the strongest detractors of the DiC dub have publicly proclaimed that they do not want a redub and would rather focus on the new material.

This begs the question:  Why were these people in favor of a redub in the first place?

I had mentioned, repeatedly, that a redub would not be a new product.  Instead, the response was that I and other people who were fans of the Sailor Moon that aired on television were resistant to change, childish, and just plain wrong, because they said so.  Why in the absence of new material would one want a redub?  Would not one want new material, large or small?  If new material was unlikely, why not at least learn to love the series as it was in stasis, the same way as I have learned to love the Chrono and Ogre Battle series.  The point is moot, though.  Sailor Moon is getting new material, and while part of me is saddened that people may not come to love Serena in new material, at least one could compare the old with the new, rather than retroactively removing the new from existence.

Then there are those who are saddened by the news because they believe there will not be an English redub of the old anime.

Let's put aside the sheer technicality that if the new anime is dubbed in English, there will be new voices, sound effects, etc for the characters people have come to love.  Thus there will likely be a new dub, even if it is of the new anime.

I fail to see why this announcement would mean the original anime would not be dubbed again.  If anything, this means a redub is more likely, even if it's delayed.

Think about it.  While the manga has prepared the US audience for a more "accurate" (and there has been much debate on how more accurate Kodansha's translation is) depiction of Sailor Moon, many of the fans who watched Sailor Moon on televsion as a kid are still loyal to that version.  Re-releasing a redub before the new anime aired would serve as a refresher for the fandom to make people forget the existing English-language Sailor Moon anime, and since a new anime has been announced, people will be expecting new audio.  The same would be true if it were done in tandem with the new anime, or even afterward as a nod to the older fandom.  Think about how Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were promoted in recent weeks for The Dark Knight Rises, or how Marvel aired a marathon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in select cities before the release of The Avengers.  Ignoring the old anime, especially when it was announce that the the new Sailor Moon would have fans of the old anime in mind, would be a missed opportunity.

It is possible that the old anime will be redubbed, but only sold on video.  While one can conceive that it could be redubbed and shown on TV, I admit that is unlikely.  TV is going to want the new footage to draw in the kiddies.  Still, a network may pick a redub of the old anime which would lead into the airing of the new anime if it were dubbed, and since merchandising is strong and the ratings will likely be high, it'll likely be a success for everyone involved.  There's still hope for a redub for the chronic complainers.

At worst, if there is no redub and the old Sailor Moon is re-released as is down the road, at least there is new anime.  There is no chance that the new anime will be treated the same ways as the old one was.  Also, the original anime will still be available.  I fail to see the source of negativity.

Sailor Moon is getting a reboot.  It's long overdue for the fandom to press the reset button, too.
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