Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Baron Batch: Oversensitive Hypocrite or Something Else?

Baron Batch's self-portait, colored by meSo in February, Baron Batch expressed his disdain for GoDaddy's commercials on Twitter by retweeting another person's complaint.  I told him that he's using GoDaddy's services, which enables them to make these bad commercials.  He got irate, threw a temper tantrum, and banned me.

Sometime later in a show of "love" he unblocks everyone.  Yesterday, he mentioned that he didn't like complaints.  I reminded him that he complained about GoDaddy in February.  Another temper tantrum later and he swung the banhammer again.

There are two explanations for this behavior, as referenced by the title.  One is that he's an oversensitive hypocrite on-line, even if he's a nice guy in real life.  That's no problem.  I've got him beat in the hypocrisy department and I'm not nice.

The other explanation, the unknown "something else" is what's bothering me, because if it is the case, it is a problem.

Both times he got upset when I mentioned the idea of not giving GoDaddy any money.  Now I know, is registered through GoDaddy so I'm in a roundabout way using GoDaddy's services, too, but I can't help but wonder why he had an extreme reaction to an idea -- improving the things one complains about by taking action instead of complaining -- especially since he had just championed taking action to improve things literally ten minutes before his outburst.  Put simply, if you don't like a company's commercials, you don't buy their product; by taking a stand in this manner, not giving GoDaddy money would be the very self-determination and individual action to improve one's life (lack of "crappy commercials") that Baron Batch just emphasized.  Don't complain about how someone is doing something wrong: do something to make them better, even if it means withholding funds.  Despite Batch stressing that life is what we make of it and all this talk of autonomy, as individuals we're not allowed to not support GpDaddy in Baron Batch's world.  It's a strange line of demarcation to declare GoDaddy of all things, a touchy subject and GoDaddy above reproach.

I really hope this is just mere hypocrisy in that it's okay for him to complain about things to other people (such as his troubles with Nike's web site), but not for his audience to complain about things to him (such as the hardships others face).  Yes, I'd rather he just not care about what people outside of his circle go through, than think the reaction is due to the obvious alternative...that maybe Batch's "Don't insult GoDaddy" reflex is funneled by another connection beyond that of just being a customer of GoDaddy's domain registration services.  With an explosion of "registrar rage" happening twice now, I don't know...especially with how the domaining industry can be.  Paging Dr. Halvarez! Oh, Snap!

Thankfully, no one cares about anything I have to write, so I'll let these words sit here alongside all the rest of the ones in my journal.  If there did happen to be a professional or personal connection between GoDaddy and Baron Batch, let's just say this incident made me less likely to purchase GoDaddy's products, even if they were to improve their commercials.
Tags: domain names, rants

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