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2012 - The End of My World

Every year, near the end of the year, I write an entry reflecting on the year that has passed.  Sometimes, these entries are long rants about matters of the heart. At other times, they are short and meaningless entries.  This will be in the middle of those two extremes.

I suppose in some respects, I am precisely where I am at the end of 2008 from an emotional standpoint.  Once again, it seems as if people who enjoy a measure of success in a fandom end up using that power to their own ends.  Although some of the venues and players change, the game of propping oneself up on someone else's work to control like-minded fans remains the same.  Groupthink is alive and kicking.

For example, Miss Dream and the Deimos Project took over the Sailor Moon Forum earlier this year, and instantly got rid the people deemed "retards" (read: "people Miss Dream did not like"), ignoring the existing forum rules.  Although the forum is still active, there has been public unrest about the exceedingly large number of disparate people who were banned -- dub fans, critics, and those who just plain disagree with consensus are no longer allowed on the forum.  Much like Kel McDonald, Elly of Miss Dream went on a begging spree for money this year.  Yet her reach extends to the point where other notable fan figures magically "agree" to deliberately sabotage those who have been shunned.  If a Sailor Moon fan challenges the standard, all of the major names of the Sailor Moon community instantly block that person and mock him or her.  Victims of bullying from that forum range from celeurmouy to the people of the Sailor Moon S DiC Fandub.

But this time, there is a difference.  Unlike with Brian Clevinger's horrid treatment of his critics, people are seeing through the antics of Miss Dream.  They may not challenge her on it, but they will at least acknowledge that something is wrong with the way she has handled the forum.

More importantly, though, I see that all this that I've whined about -- it hasn't just happened to me.

Ron Carlivati is the head writer of General Hospital.  I normally would only marginally care, because until this year, I had barely watched General Hospital.  However, as friends of mine have pointed out, he is as publicly abusive toward his critics as Clevinger, McDonald, Elly, and so many others have been.  While previously, I realized that the jerks I ran into online were just jerks that happened to be gifted, I did not have concrete confirmation until now that I was not the only person targeted in such a manner.  There are other people this has happened to, who despite trying to push forward in personal projects are outright censored by oversensitive creators and their overzealous fans.

That is why I've decided to take 2012 in stride.  It is the end of my world; I am not alone. No, 2012 is the year that "Nadia Oxford" called a transsexual a "moral fag" on the Sailor Moon Forum and was shown to be a bigotThat was terrible.

2013 is a new beginning.  Here's to a better year, folks!
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