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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #3

So I watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, and to me it was a confusing dud of violence, sex, and shock value.

I watched second episode of Game of Thrones, and it was surprisingly coherent sword opera where there was not only good drama, but a well-contained story with an actual point to the episode.

Where does Episode 3 lie? Let's find out!

Episode 3: "Lord Snow"

Whereas the first episode was supposed to introduce us to this "wonderful" fantasy world and the second episode was more of a proper introduction to the Starks, this third episode seems more like a better introduction to the series overall.  Heck, if you just game someone a quick chart with the characters and a brief synopsis of what happened, then this episode actually seems to make sense as a starting point for Game of Thrones.

I was confused why Mrs. Stark had to go ride all the way to the capital, when her husband had to turn back from the capital to take care of the whole Joffrey/Sansa business.  Couldn't she have just had a quick word with her husband before he went back to the city?  What was the need for her to go there and attract all that attention?

Still, I liked how they clarified what Ned Stark is supposed to be doing there. He's the King's Hand and thus takes care of all the petty things the King doesn't have time for; this is more than we got in the past few episodes, and even someone like me who is GoT ignorant can tell this is supposed to be one of the main plot threads.

Also, this show waits until the third episode to explain something critical; that this land has mystical winters and summers that last years.  This gives some desperately needed context to the whole "winter" deal.

I also like the continued relationship between Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister.  It seems like Tyrion Lannister is the only person with an both actual heart and brain in this whole mess.  Everyone else is good-hearted but naive/idiotic or scheming and cruel.  He listens to people, he gives good advice, and though the wheels are turning in his head, he seems like he's scheming to keep this kingdom together.  And young Jon is starting to pick up on how despite being the "bastard" that he has been privileged his entire life.  In addition, the exposition that was too brief in the first episode and touched on upon the second episode is more clear here.  The wall is actually a big deal.

Again, though, I also do like Joffrey's character.  He's supposed to be coming across as this insufferable brat his mother reins in, but it's clear this boy just needs some real guidance, discipline, and a firm hand.  Heck, if the younger Stark sister (I still can't catch her name) were a little older, their parents should ship her with Joffrey, not Sansa.  They're both immature and annoying, but her devotion to truth and family would balance against his propensity to lie, and she could wield a sword and protect him. I could see where this character could easily develop and become more heroic and rebel against his family, but sadly. pop culture has spoiled me on this regard. I just hope if he gets worse then at least he overthrows his mother and uncles (yes, even Tyrion, who doesn't seem to have done something wrong; villains need victims).

Other notes:

  1. This Mad King must have been related to the platinum-haired Targaryen.  Maybe that explains why Daenerys' brother (whose name I still haven't caught) is such a jerk. Craziness runs in that family.

  2. So Incest Charming slew the Mad King who killed Ned's brother.  No wonder these people don't get along.

  3. Daenerys is becoming a queen both in mind and in body, and becoming more of one of Kal Drago's people in spirit.  I just worry her brother might do something to ensure she doesn't come to term with that bun in the oven.

  4. The Lannisters essentially own the kingdom by holding the crown's debt. So let's see. The Lannisters betrayed the old king, married into the royal family, and now have all the coin.  They're already running the show; that only makes Incest Charming's actions phenomenally stupid in the pilot.

So far, this show isn't must-see TV, but I can see where it would appeal to a crowd that likes this type of stuff.

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