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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #4

So I started watching Game of Thrones, and then I stopped, because the series didn't hold my interest, even though it got better. However, I've picked it up again, only because it's necessary to understand pop culture these days.

Episode 4: "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things"

After the past couple of episodes, I was disappointed in how nothing of value seemed to happen in this one.  I did like some of the swinging establishing shots from a visual perspective, but overall, it decided to rely on more pointless violence to tell a tale...of filler.

At the wall, Jon Snow takes a rotund weakling under his wing and decides to play hero.  This is almost a step back for Jon, because the previous episodes showed that he has a lot to learn, but now he's in "good guy" mode.  Since I know his role grows larger in this tale due to pop culture spoiling that he takes over the narrative, this worries me.

Meanwhile, in town, Ned is looking into the death of the noble (and not a king like I previously thought), Jon Arryn.  It took me four episodes to realize this guys name, and I still don't care. They speculate a woman did him in with poison, but that he was a eunuch and would have no use for female companionship.  Maybe someone better think to check the conscience of the queen.

This episode tries to make us see things from Daenerys's dirtbag brother's point of view; it doesn't work. He is so unlikable that I can only hope Kal Drago comes and kills him just for being annoying.  Frustrated about not having his promised army and realizing he is essentially nothing in the company of people not like him, he starts taking it out on his sister, who is using her regency to her advantage.

Manwhile, Tyrion continues to be a seeming voice of reason as he travels.  Maybe he's a really good manipulator who has bad intentions, or maybe he's the token good Lannister in this evil Lannister clan.  It's really hard to tell what his game is from his scene with Bran where he presents Bran with a special saddle to allow him to ride, which is easily the best scene of the show. I really hope he is on the side of a lighter shade of grey, because these people are not just evil, but boringly evil.  Yes, including the guy with the white temples who's probably going to betray Ned. I don't trust him, either.

Yet at the end, Mama Stark decides to show her hand and declares to Tyrion with her backup that she will have him arrested for trying to kill her son. This really screams "bad idea."  If Tyrion is guilty, he'll Lannister up.  If Tyrion is innocent, Mama Stark, you've created your own enemy out of distrust.

More notes:

  1. It's very interesting looking at the joust having watched this episode for the first time after watching that infamous Bud Light crossover Super Bowl commercial.  It takes on an entirely different light if you have watched this episode.  I thought the Bud Knight just got knocked out.

  2. Daenerys isn't having that baby. I've seen too many soap operas to see where this is going. I gather the over and under before miscarriage or stillbirth is two episodes from now. I take the over.

  3. And we're still in "introducing characters" mode, we get yet another entrant in this crowded mess, "The Mountain."  He enters this mess by killing someone. In this show, that means he's as interesting as watching paint dry.

If I can get through this season, maybe future episodes will go easier.
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