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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #8

The first episode of Game of Thrones was a dud, with the second and third episodes better, but not good enough.  Then the Bud Knight commercial got me into this series again, so thanks to beer I don't even drink I decided to watch this show again. It has been dumb...but finally getting better as of the past few episode. Does this upward trajectory still hold?

Episode 8: "The Pointy End"

The episode opens up with chaotic aftermath of Joffrey taking the throne, with Ned's contingent getting run through with swords.  Sansa and Arya are strangely, still in town.  Didn't Ned just say two episodes ago he was sending them away?  Well, they're in the capital, and the new king's men come to seize Sansa.

Meanwhile, armored knights surround Arya and her swordsmaster tutor. The swordsmaster fights off all  of the men with a practice sword, except one, and Arya runs away. Arya later gets her first kill when a boy who is trying to get her attention and trying to get her to come with her won't leave her alone.

Word spreads that Ned Stark is being held captive.  MilkMaid doesn't want to get involved, so Mama Stark decides to leave and take matters into her own hands.  HeartRobb Stark, the eldest legitimate Stark boy, gathers everything and anyone he knows to move against the Lannisters.  Bran stays behind because he's the last Stark and has to remain at Winterfell, not because he would be entirely useless in  battle.

Tyrion also travels with his new sellsword sidekick and is attacked by more "hill people" but convinces them that he can help them take over MilkMaid Mountain.  He then talks to his father, Tywin (a.k.a. Bad Dad), who is at a military camp.  His father fills him in on all that is going on, then tells the hill people that if they fight at his side, he will reward them.  The hill people do so under the condition that Tyrion fight alongside them.  Tyrion is clearly not happy about this, not only only because he'll be forced to fight, but because he'll have to face off against the Starks.

Speaking of the Starks, there's also the matter of Jon Snow the Uncle and another rider who went out into the wall are dead  However, the rotund friend of Jon mentions that those who have been touched by the walkers come back to life as revenants and should be burned.  The Wall people decide to to examine the bodies instead.

Of course, word gets to Jon about all the shenanigans down south and he wants to ride back, but he is reminded that he took a vow.  John gets himself in trouble after being provoked and is confined to quarters.  However, his direwolf starts acting up and alerting him to danger.  True enough, his canine friend was right.  The corpse of the one guy came back to life and tried to kill the commander, but Jon stopped him.

Also, back in town, the old head of the King's guard is forced into early retirement. Winter may be coming, but regime change is already here.

And in other part of the world, the Kal Drago's horde — the Dothraki — is riding and capturing slaves, with the women taken by warriors to be sex slaves.  Daenerys wants to put a stop to it, since she was sold off as being a sex slave and only has recently come into her own agency.  Grudgingly, her husband obliges.  Of course, one of the horse men challenges Kal Drago and he accepts and is promptly beaten and killed.  But Kal Drago is hurt in the fight, so Daenerys convinces him to listen to the aid of one of the captive women.

Finally, Sansa spends the episode co-operating with the enemy, then asks for Joffrey to have mercy and to spare her father. He does so on one condition; that Ned confesses to his "crimes."

Other Notes:

  1. This is turning into A Man for All Seasons.  We all know how that ended.

  2. I'm kind of confused to as to the status of each of these direwolves. Why are these people allowed to keep these wolves as bodyguards, yet get into trouble for having them?  And if the wolves are this dangerous, why not just release them on the troops?  After all, the Lannisters seem more like cowardly lions.

  3. This show would have been so much better had the Dothraki had been actual centaurs, and all the other houses demi-humans.  Yes, Game of Thrones is the only show that would have been improved by making it more furry.  Then again, knowing the furry fandom, there probably is already a remake which did this.

  4. Seriously, just give the kingdom to Aquaman and Daenerys already.  This would make a much more satisfying ending than anything that requires seven more seasons to finish.

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