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Third Update This Week? I'm on a roll!

As many of you know, I'm the poster child for envy (no, not the FMA character), but when I think about the seven deadly sins, and it occurs to me that in the common uses and meanings of these words, a lot of the values, once tempered are actually considered postitive.

Greed may be maligned when it comes to corporations, but it's not completely unsavlageable. What is greed other than the need to gather and obtain all that you can and then some more. There's the search for knowledge and the pursuit of products. Greed in a way, is the idea of keeping the game going long after it's "natural" end. Besides, most people would argue that it's wrong to stop people from getting all the money that they can as long as they don't harm other people to do it.

Gluttony is fairly negative, as the consequences of eating just to eat have become apparent in American society. While mixed messages are presented by the media, most people --especially myself-- consume more than they expend. Still, it can be seen as positive through idea that one cannot enjoy life unless one overindulges every once in a while. Appetite is not bad in of itself, but lack of satiation is.

Lust is considered actually a de facto virtue these days. Just look at the profitability and mainstreaming of pornography. Of course inappropriately applied lust and overabundance of it are bad. But the idea that sexual desire is not only considered a part of the human condition, but one that has to be acted on for a full, wonderful life is one that makes lust one of the less restrained sins.

Wrath is another one of those sins that has become popular. Anti-heroes who see themselves as avenging figures taking out their frustrations on their enemies are now stock characters in television and movies. In moderation, wrath is a good thing, as anger and the violence that springs forth because of it are necessary.

Pride, in moderation, is actually considered a good thing in terms of American culture. Take credit for what you've done. Don't sell yourself short. There's also pride in one's country or being proud of a child.

Sloth is one of the few sins that's still usually considered negative. Still, if you take away the stern work ethic drilled into us, there's a voice of moderation behind it. Don't be a workaholic. Relax. Sleep is good for you.

But envy is always marked as bad, bad, bad. There's no reward for a little bit of envy. Coveting what someone else has seems to be a big taboo, even if it is more popular than people like to admit. I just don't understand why. Why is envy singled out for this dishonorable distinction of being unsalvageable?
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