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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #9

Things are finally heating up and getting last. My mood is based on emotions elicited by the episode itself.

Episode 9: "Baelor"

The bald eunuch visits Ned in the dungeon and tells him that everyone has a part to play.  He urges Ned to confess and live.

Meanwhile, HeartRobb and the invading army have to cross a bridge or keep that is being held by this dotard. Mama Stark goes to the master of the keep, and the old man whines about having too many children.  She promises that HeartRobb will marry one of his daughters and that Arya must marry one of his sons. He lets them pass.

At the same time, Tyrion goes back to his womanizing ways and his mercenary procures a female companion, out of which he could get no answers.  Instead, he recalls his own story about how he was tricked as a teen that he encountered a woman he fell in love with, only for her services to be paid for by his family.  Despite this character moment, death is certain for "The Imp."

The next morning, Tyrion gives his band of vagabonds a rousing speech and they charge forward, right into him. Tyrion is knocked out in the stampede, only to wake up being dragged. He surprised to find out that his side won, but only because they weren't fighting the entire contingency, but only 2,000 out of the 20,000 men under HeartRobb's leadership. HeartRobb made the tactical decision to split the forces as a misdirection, sending 2,000 men to their doom. Somehow in all the chaos, they snagged Incest Charming.

Elsewhere, because this land of fools would collapse if the horseback people invaded now, Kal Drago's wound has begun to fester and he collapses, forcing the army to stop and camp. Daenerys's retainer tells her that she needs to get out of Dothraki territory, because if her husband dies, her son is not going to be king.  Of course, because she's in love, she decides to summon the witch that was supposed to have healed him.  The witch tells her to bring her his horse, which she slays just like the Mountain did to his horse a few episodes ago, and tells everyone to exit the tent.  Unfortunately, for Daenerys, her baby wants to come into this world now and she collapses...only for her retainer to take her to the tent.

There's also the issue with Jon Snow at the wall, who is stuck at the wall.  While he has earned some favor by slaying the undead which threatened his superior, he's still upset that he can't do anything.  He helps the old man who tend to the ravens...and it's revealed that this old man is a Targaryen.

But all of this builds up to a stunning conclusion. Ned is led to the executioner's stand in front of a crowd. Upon seeing his daughter, Arya in the middle of the crowd, he tells some guy to grab her.  Ned also knows what he needs to do.  Even if it means sullying his family's name forever, at least his children would live on.  He gives his fake confession and Joffrey, in contrast to his words the last episode, had Ned killed on the spot.

I see why Joffrey did it.  Because he thinks if he gets a confession on record and disposes of the head of the house that opposes him that he can rule unopposed.

But he also forgot the prime rule of his house - "A Lannister always pays his debts."  Yes, they do backstab at times and this whole arc was started by his stupid uncle also being stupidly evil, but at least that was private; but to publicly go against his word is neither the Lannister or the King's way.  And Joffrey will owe the universe a grave debt due to this act.

There's a reason why his mom and everyone else says, "Keep your enemies close."  Joffrey forgets that there are more Starks than Lannisters thanks to the inbreeding, and he also forgets that while he is king...he's still very much a boy surrounded by grown men and women.

But, no, he pulls a Viserys and decided to leap straight into cartoon villainy.  I had high hopes for you, Joffrey, but you're as stupid as Ned and the Starks. You should have had Ned privately killed. This is basic Evil 101.  You've gotten accolades now for horrible consequences later and messing up all the plans of your house for pettiness' sake.

On the other hand, Ned is dead, and while I didn't hate him, I'm not sad to see him go. He was too dumb to live. I'll shed half a tear for him because he did raise his children well.

Other Notes:

  1. I'm wondering if a twist will be that the baby Daenerys gives birth to will be a girl instead of a boy. However, given that she's going to be carried into the tent of doom, it's more likely there's going to be "the child's life" vs "Kal Drago's life."  Bonus points if we get an undead Kal Drago.

  2. How are these people going to continue their rebellion now that Ned is a confessed and executed traitor?  Isn't everyone going to disband and go back to their homes?

  3. I have a horrible feeling that Jon Snow is going to stay at this Wall for the entire series.  I have no problem if he's there fighting undead, but keeping him stationed there is annoying because like the horseback riders and Daenerys, he's sidelined for no real reason.  Why can't we have the Dothraki vs. the Undead, hot vs, cold, summer vs. winter?  It would better then having people being stupid and evil just for the sake of drama.

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