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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #10

So there have been quite a few good episodes in a this one the same?

Episode 10: "Fire and Blood"

Basically, this episode opens up with Bran having another vision of a crow, bidding him to go to the crypt.  He wakes up and in real life has that Wildling slave take him to the Stark Crypt (which looks ljust like the dungeon Ned was kept in--- is this show reusing sets already?) The camera looms in on a statue, but a black direwolf approached and nearly attacks Bran's carrier until this other boy calls it off.  The other boy says he saw Ned Stark in a dream.  Bran and his handler go back up to the surface where they receive word that Ned Stark is dead.

Elsewhere in the crowd, the man who took Arya now cuts her hair (and puts the child actress in an awfully fitting wig...this is by far the WORST in the show).  She's given a fake name as well as fake identity as a boy and is to accompany youths taken to the north to the wall.  Of course, she quickly runs into trouble as some boys bully her for her sword, but she and the apprentice of a forge deter them.

There's also the military, where HeartRobb Stark hacks at a tree.  At night all the armies say they want to fight, and that HeartRobb is who they see as King, not any of Robert's people.  Meanwhile Mama Stark goes to visit their prisoner, and while Incest Charming does confess he did try to kill Bran, he never says why and instead decides to claim he's an atheist and mocks the religion of the Starks.  I am surprised this man lived to the end of the episode.

In the Lannister camp, Bad Dad is mad, and Tyrion notes that with Ned Stark's death so went any chance of peace (thanks, Joffrey, you fool).  Bad Dad wants his incestuous son saved, but suggests that for the time being that they retreat and rule.  However, Bad Dad throws Tyrion a bone; that he can be the King's Hand, but that whore of his can't come to court with him.  Do you really think Tyrion is going to listen? He wouldn't be "the Imp" if he did.

In another scene, Joffrey's mother is having sex with the minstrel.  I thought he was the Flower Knight at first, and even now I'm not sure, because all these people look alike.  Joffrey is now being cruel to be cruel, severing the tongue of man who wrote a bad song about his mother and forcing Sansa to look at her father's head on a pike.

Elsewhere, the real drama begins.  Daenerys wakes up and she wants to know what happened to her baby.  The baby is dead, apparently in some equivalent exchange.  Also, the rest of the horseback riders abandoned her, because since a leader who can't ride is no leader, her husband is no longer king.  Daenerys asks to see her husband...who is in a persistent vegetative state.  The witch admits this is her revenge for her people being pillaged and killed, and that she was personally raped three times prior to Daenery's intervention.

Seeing that her husband is only alive in body, and gives no indication of actually being able to respond, Daenerys smothers him with a pillow.  Normally, I don't support euthanasia, but I have to admit, my heart broke for this girl.  I'm also surprised because the way people were talking about Jason Momoa playing this character, that he would be around for a few seasons.

And in the North Jon Snow decides to ride south.  His round friend, Sam, tries to stop him, but fails. Sam gets his friends to go after Jon and they surround him in the forest and remind him of his oath.  Jon Snow realizes he has to do the right thing and fulfill his vows and goes back to the wall.  Good thing, because it seems like this undead plague is spreading, with blue-eyed corpses popping up everywhere, so the men are going through the wall, to the north. They decide to take Jon Snow on the expedition to see if they can find his uncle. I thought the uncle was recovered and brought back to the camp as an undead corpse a couple of episodes ago, but I guess I was wrong.

Finally, Daenerys is done with suffering, and puts her dragon eggs alongside her husband's corpse on a funeral pyre. She has the witch strewn up and tied to the funeral firewood, has the pyre lit, then goes into the fire herself.  That witch tries to sing through the pain in defiance, but of course she becomes a pillar a screaming flame.  Daenerys wakes up the next morning alive with three baby dragons.  And that's how we met the "Mother of Dragons."

Final Notes:

  1. So the lady in the crypt is Ned's Stark's sister?  I heard it said before, but I didn't pay attention.  It's very likely (80%) Jon Snow is her son with Robert, and why he could easily be passed off as a "bastard"...because he is of house Stark's blood, but not on his father's side. (At least he doesn't have any MilkMaid genes in any case.)

  2. There's also the non-zero (20%) chance that Ned's sister did cheat on Robert, who in madness, killed her.  This would also make Ned's actions towards Joffrey's mom a little more understandable if Robert had a history of being cheated on.  Either way, Jon Snow's potential parentage is more important than Jon Snow as a character, and having to justify Ned's stupidity makes me sick.

  3. So what about the Mountain?  Was that storyline just severely backburned or dropped?

  4. The character's name was "Khal Drogo" and not "Kal Drago."  I won't edit my previous posts to change the spelling, but I actually thought the latter was his name.

  5. I find it horribly weird that there was no dead baby body shown, especially since every other death was shown.  It wouldn't surprise me if the boy (or girl) were smuggled away.

  6. Tyrion is the only person with any sense on this show...but everyone is finally starting to learn. There's some hope for Arya.

  7. So far, I only care about Tyrion, Daenerys (now that she has dragons), and the undead horde.  I do not care if most of the Starks live or die, and Joffrey went from interesting to Viserys 2.0.  Seriously, even the live-action movie version of King Bowser Koopa has more depth than this boy.

  8. On the other hand, with an evil king and a red-headed "princess" kept captive, this does have the makings of a twisted Super Mario Bros. AU.

  9. Interesting that there are people who do live north of the wall.  I thought this was just the realm of the undead, but I guess the undead have to get their numbers from somewhere.

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