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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #15

The last episode was gore and torture, so it's time for an episode with plot, and wow, there is plot.

Episode 15: "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

This episode opens up with Mama Stark and Young Buck talking about the terms of their arrangement in front of Sergeant Calhoun in a tent.  Young Buck wants Mama Stark to assure him HeartRobb doesn't want to sit on the throne, and she says she will tell HeartRobb his terms, but she wants him to patch things up with his brother instead of going to war. Young Buck says no, so all of a sudden, the shadow Madame Red gave birth to last episode enters the room and stabs Young Buck, killing him.

This was a scene out of True Blood.

The guards enter the tent and instantly think Sergeant Calhoun did it. Mama Stark tries to get them to listen, but they don't care, so Sergeant Calhoun has to kill them.  She cries over Young Buck's body, but Mama Stark says they have to go.

Later, Don't Trust Me, Bro says the same to Young Buck's wife and the Flower Knight as they watch over his body and swear revenge.  With Young Buck dead, all the soldiers are going to flock to Stannis's banner.

Meanwhile, Incest Queen is relieved that Young Buck is dead, but Tyrion isn't as happy, given that the bulk of their forces are fighting against HeartRobb. So he questions the squire the queen has been sleeping with -- who also needs a name, so Kissing Cousin, it is. Tyrion also learns that people think that he's the one telling Joffrey to be a jerk.  But Tyrion has work to do, and he wants to figure out what his sister and nephew are up to, so he goes to a dealer who deals with explosives, who tells him this is their secret weapon. Tyrion tells the man he's now working for him.

Back up north, Waterboy tries to lead the seapeople on a mission, but they aren't listening to him.  I guess he is going to betray HeartRobb after all.

Even further up north, the Survey Corps climb the top of a mountain and hear a horn in the valley.  Jon Snow says he wants to join the Scouting Regiment that breaks off from the group to investigate.  Reluctantly, they let him join.

Meanwhile in Winterfell, Bran is hearing some more cases.  There's something important going on with this dialogue, but I don't care, because it's Bran.

Also, while on the run, Sergeant Calhoun pledges loyalty to Mama Stark.

And in Qarth, Daenerys is appreciating how well she's being treated.  Her dragons are eating and a warlock appears with a magic trick.  Renfield shows her a vault makes her an offer -- marry him and half of the contents of the vault are his.  She also has to keep her Dothraki refugees from stealing. Meanwhile her advisor, Mormont (finally, a name I can catch) warns her that she can do things on her own.

But the real fun is in the prison (henceforth known as Superjail) where Bad Dad has made Arya a cupbearer.  He asks her where she is from, and she lies poorly, so he gives her a second chance, then tells her to fetch him and his contingent water, There she finds the guy whose life she saved and he promises her he will take three lives for her, since she saved three lives.  She asks for the death of the torturing tickler and by the end of the episode, he is mysteriously dead with a broken neck.


  1. What is with it the black men showing all this sexual interest in white blondes?  I know there's nothing but white women in this cast, but there's a disturbing racial undertone I don't like.

  2. Mama Stark said she had to get back to her youngest boys...wait a minute, is that boy next to Bran a Stark? I thought he was just a friend!

  3. By the way, is Mama Stark going to be a Fix-It Felix to Sergeant Calhoun? I sense Sergeant Calhoun can be Mama Stark's "dynamite gal."

  4. Bad Dad totally knows Arya's identity.  I don't have a rooting interest in this one, though.

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