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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #20

The battle is over, and it's a return to the status quo, or is it?

Episode 20: "Valar Morghulis"

This episode opens up with a close up of someone's eye and we later see that that someone's eye belongs to Tyrion Lannister. He is convalescing due to the wounds he sustained in battle, one of which was a large nasty cut across his face. The Dotard is tending toTyrion, who finds out that he's no longer the King's Hand. His BSS is stripped of his duties, his Hill Tribe vagabond allies have been paid, and basically everyone is now working for either his father or his sister. Congratulations, Tyrion! You saved King's Landing only to be robbed of everything you gained. At least you have your Melania!

Meanwhile, it's more clear that Bad Dad has completely saved the day, as in court all the villains gloat as Joffrey decides to repay good unto evil. He gives Bad Dad the title of the King's Hand, although In fairness this was what was promised at the end of last season. He gives Don't Trust Me, Bro control over Superjail. And clearly at his mother's advice, he breaks off his betrothal to Sansa and agrees to the petition of Faline, Young Buck's widow, to marry him. Sansa is relieved, at first, until Don't Trust Me, Bro reminds her that she is not being let go, and without promise of marriage Joffrey will treat her just like any other woman -- horribly. He promises that he will get her back to her family.

Back in Stannis' home, Stannis and Madame Red are talking. Stannis is furious, because she promised him victory and he even killed his own brother to win. She promises that he will be king and after a tense choke out session of which she is the recipient, she bids him to look in the fire (as in a literal flame) and he sees something that entrances him.

Also, during all this chaos HeartRobb and Florence Nightengale elope like Anakin and Padme Skywalker and wed. "This will surely end well," said no one ever.

Also, in the middle of nowhere, Arya, MiniTaur, and Porky have escaped. The assassin from before neets up with Arya. I didn't hear her un name him, but I guess she did. He offers her to teach her how to kill like he does if she goes with him, but Arya wants to meet up with family and refuses his offer. He then gives her a coin and some magic words (the title of the episode) to use to meet him. He turns his head, then turns back to her, and his face completely different. And these three kids are in the middle of nowhere.

Back at Winterfell, Maechen advises the Waterboy to run as the Stark contingent surrounds the keep, but Waterboy wants to be a man and stand his ground even though he's outnumbered. He gives a speech to his men stating how their names will be remembered but his men decide to knock him out cold and cover his head up. Because there too many old men on this show who give advice and they all look alive, one of the Waterboy's allies stabs Maechen with a pike, severely wounding him.

Sometime later the hiding child Starks, Wild Thing, and Halfwit emerge from their hole only to find that their entire home has been burned. They go to their special tree where they pray, only to find a dying Maechen under it. He tells them to go north to the wall to see Jon. He also asks Wild Thing to finosh him off, and presumably she does off screen.

And Winterfell is burning.

But Jon has his own problems since he's now in the mountains a captive to the wildlings. He and his unit leader have a fight, in the Wild Wings provide both of their captives with swords. Jon fatally stabs his fellow watchman and in turn the wildlings loosen his bonds and take them to see their King.

But elsewhere in the snowy lands, Sam and his companions was swallowed up by a snowstorm when they hear not one not two but three toots of the horn. That's a signal to scram, and Sam's friends book it, leaving him behind.

Sam hides behind a rock and watches as an army of undead humans and horses approaches. One figure riding a the horse actually looks at him but does not harm him. These are the infamous White Walkers.

Finally in Qarth, Daenerys goes after her dragons, then gets sucked into a labyrinth in which she has a vision quest. She sees the grand hall and the Iron Throne but the hall is destroyed and snow is falling into it. She then goes out into the snow and then somehow ends up in the desert in a tent with none other than Khal Drogo and her stillborn son. They share a tender moment but she realizes she has to go back to find her dragons and she does. They're chained up on an altar.

The sorcerer from before then tells her that she will be staying there and uses his magic to chain her to her spot. However this sorcerer seems to forget that dragons have a habit of breathing fire and Daenerys orders them to burn him up. They also free themselves in the process.

So after this Daenerys goes to Renfield, who is passed out sleeping after a night of passion with one of Daenerys' handmaidens. In response to his treachery she decides to open up that vault he promised her only to find that there is nothing inside. She forces him and the woman into the Vault and closes it. Then she steals all his gold and asks if it's enough to buy a ship.  Mormont says yes.

I'm starting to think you might be the bad guy here.

  1. Given the reaction of the White Walkers I'm starting to wonder if they're actually bad people. Most of the humans would have killed Sam for a lot less. They left him alone. I trust them more than I trust most of the Lannisters.

  2. Are we sure Daenerys is not really a Lannister?  Right now she's acting like a cross between Joffrey and Waterboy, but unlike them she has good reasons for doing so. I can understand the killing; Renfield and the sorcerer kidnapped her dragons and she needs a victory. Something about her actually taking the guy's gold, though, seems a little bit...heelish.

  3. Is this assassin figure related to Madame Red? He's got red hair and apparently some sort of magic which allows him to change his appearance.

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