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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #29

So I wanted to  get Season 3 out of the way and I've decided to watch the next episode, hoping it was going to be uneventful tension-builder.  I should know by now that Episode 9 is always the jumpoff point for the season, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised there was action.

But there is action, and plot, and surprisingly little actual sex...which means it was a good episode.

Episode 29: "The Rains of Castamere"

Sam and Mamacita are travelling and Sam tells her all about the wall.  She is amazed that he can learn so much by staring at marks on paper.  Anyway, they hope they can get to some sort of gate or something.

Elsehwere, there's meat in this episode where Jon Snow and the Wildlings, now south of the wall, attack an old man who keeps horses for the men of the wall.  The man runs away on horseback.

Not too far away from this place, Bran and his contingent take refuge from an upcoming storm in a windmill tower.  They wonder how they're going to get on the other side of the wall. Wild Things says she had to go to the bay and sail around the wall, but nobody has time for that.

Anyway, it beging to thunder, and the large companion formerly known as Mongo, but now being called by his real name, Hodor, is scared by the thunder.  He begins to yell, just as Jon Snow and the Wildlings chase. Not wanting to be discovered, Bran is able to make Hodor go to sleep. However, Jon Snow is in danger, as they tell him to kill the old man to prove his allegiance. He hesitated, showing his true colors.

Cherry Popper kills the old man, but it doesn't matter. Snow hesitated because he wasn't running Wild and was still part of the Survey Corps, so the Wildlings attack him.  He would be dead if it weren't for the fact that Bran was able to tap into his warg powers and control the two direwolves.  It's done a little better than I'm describing it, though. This is an episode that has to be seen to be believed.

However, after this, one would think this crew would follow Jon Snow and meet up with him.  Or maybe Jon Snow, despite being on the run, would recognize his brothers' direwolves and would realize his family is nearby.

No, we have to have forced drama.  It's horribly forced, although why they added this complication becomes apparent later.  Basically, Bran feels he has to go north of the wall to control his power better and as such, and so he'll go with the Brother and Sister Act while Wild Thing takes Baby Stark with her.  The fragmented family gets fragmented even further.

So you would be forgiven if you thought that was the highlight of the episode.  Basically, the Starks come to Lord Frey's domain.   You know something is wrong, because nothing is happening.  Sure, there's Daenerys' raid on the city of slaves...although why she is now relying on armies when she has dragons is beyond me.  She wins, as always as of late, because she's our hero.

Back at Lord Frey's domain, the Twins, Lord Frey is cantankerous but accepting of the offer, but demand a closer look at Florence Nightingale.  The tension is whether or not Scarface is able to get Arya to The Twins in time...or so it seems.  There's also the preparation for an attack on Casterly Rock, one that is risky.  At the wedding, the groom, the right hand-man of HeartRobb, marries one of the youngest brides and they carry both her and him away to the bed.

But when  Scarface is at the gate they weirdly turn him away.  Arya decides to go off...and she sees all of Lord Frey's men stab the guests outside.

Inside the hall, all his men turn out to be armed. After the bride and groom are carried off, Mama Stark notices too late that the men are armored under their clothes. Suddenly, arrows rain down on the wedding guests, and people die in droves.

They not only  stab Florence Nightingale in the stomach to kill her (to make sure that she lost that baby if she survives) , but both HeartRobb and Mama Stark are killed, betrayed by the man who married Lord Frey's daughter.

They even kill HeartRobb's direwolf, who was penned up!  There's a special place in the Night Lands for these people.

I haven't seen such a bloodbath intersecting with surprise since the Female Titan in Attack on Titan.

Either way, Scarface knocks Arya out of to protect her...and I guess that's it.

So basically, now there's no more rebellion of the north and Joffrey, despite not even appearing in this episode, now rules unopposed.  So, I see why the remaining Starks were scattered to the winds.


  1. So it's "Casterly Rock."

  2. Baby Stark has said more words this episode than he did this entire series!

  3. Given that Don't trust Me, Bro had a mad crush on Mama Stark, I am extremely worried for Tyrion's safety.  Tyrion is a Lannister, and a chessmaster who could counter Don't Trust Me, Bro's moves...and he's now married to the daughter of the woman he loved.  So Don't Trust Me, Bro has ample reason to get Tyrion out of the way so he could get to Joffrey and the other Lannisters.

  4. On the other hand, Sansa, you're safer where you are.  You should be glad you did not go with Scarface, because if you made it there, you'd have been worse for wear.

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