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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #30

So after the climax comes the denoument and this episode packages things up.

Episode 30: "Mhysa"

In the north, Bran, Hodor, and the Brother and Sister act run into Sam and Mamacita.  You would think that with this development, Bran and Sam would go to the fort in the wall together so there could be some reunion and since Bran just saw Jon. But no, Bran still wants to go North of the Wall.  He also recalls this story of a man who killed another man when he was a guest, and the gods thought that was wrong and turned him into a giant rat.

In the capital, King Joffrey is positively excited when at the council chambers.  It turns out that the slaughter last episode was at Bad Dad's request. Afterward he also tells Tryion that when he was baby Bad Dad thought about killing him.  He's really holding that Villain Ball this episode.

Meanwhile, in Castle Frey, Robb's traitorous right hand man reveals that Waterboy's torturer is his bastard son.  No, Waterboy isn't freed.  Instead they send a ransom note to the Old Man of the Sea, who  writes him off.  Stephanie, on the other hand, plans to rescue her brother.

And Jamie Lannister reaches the capital with Sergeant Calhoun in tow.

Most of this episode was really just wrapping up things and not even worthy of a recap.  Arya intentionally kills a man for the first time. And as promised, I will stop calling that red-haired Wildling Cherry Popper since she survived longer than she expected.  Her name is Merida now, because I can't even spell her real name and if I start to look it up, I'll spoil the series.  Anyway, she shoots arrows at Jon Snow, but doesn't prevent him from reaching the wall where he's reunited with Sam and his fellow Survey Corps members, albeit at death's door.

Elsehere, in Dragonstone, MiniTaur is freed by CrabMan and put on a row boat.  CrabMan is about to be executed for this when he reveals he has learned how to read and tells Stannis and Madame Red about the word they got from the mainland.  Madame Red reluctantly stays his execution because he'd make a good meat shield against the undead horde.

And at the end, all of freed slaves lift White Savior Daenerys in the air and call her "Mhysa," which means "mother."

Yes, this was the actual end of the epsiode.


  1. Pretty sure Sergeant Calhoun is not going to be happy with  Bad Dad'sstunt.  Every person she swore to protect has been killed, except Jamie.

  2. On the other hand, Jamie Lannister lost a hand, but has grown a conscience. Will this mean he'll actually start to bond with Tyrion, finally realizing what it is like to be a human being?  And will his sister even love him if he starts to care for other people?

  3. I was wrong about a lot, but I was glad I was wrong.  I knew people had gotten killed at the Red Wedding, but I thought the Red Wedding was the royal wedding. Of course, the royal wedding hasn't happened yet, but I thought it was coming soon.

  4. How did Sam get to the base faster than Jon who set out for that base earlier?

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