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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #31

So I made it through three seasons of this show, with the second and third seasons much, much better than the first season, which only picked up at the end.  So has this show become something to watch?  The answer is yes.

Episode 31: "Two Swords"

This episode begins with a cold open, with Bad Dad Lannister melting down the sword of HeartRobb and throwing the pelt of his direwolf into the fire, signalling the end of the Starks.

After the opening credits, the action picks up a few weeks after the previous one left off. Jamie Lannister has a brand new haircut and a shave, no longer looking like either Prince Charming or a rugged wild man. He insists on being part of the King's Guard, but his dad, his nephew, and even his sister all reject him.  Incest Queen doesn't think him worthy enough to incest with!  I thought it would have been the reverse, but it seems like it's poor Jamie's turn on the trauma conga line.

Elsewhere in the north, Merida and that other red-headed Wildling talk. That guy who I thought was her brother but now not sure, says Merida could have killed Jon if she really wanted to. As they talk they're approached to buy a bunch of bald Wildlings, who also come bringing meat, human meat that is.  No, they're not undead, just cannibals.

Jon Snow tells the wall masters what's going on and the old blind Targaryen gives him a second chance.

Concerning the other side of the world, the only thing of importance with Daenerys is that Dario is recast, and seeing this episode right after the last one makes the change jarring, especially since structurally, this episode flows very well from the previous one. This new actor doesn't even look like the old one, with dark hair instead of blond locks.  On the other hand, he comes across as a lot less annoying.  Usually a recast means a change in direction (as well as an upgrade in the acting), but Dario is still strying to woo Daenerys.  And Daeneys sees a body of a woman on a cross as she and her army marches on...and has her men bury the coprse, as well as the other ones they come across as mile markers.

In the capital, Sansa is stricken with grief upon the death of her brother and her mother. She goes to the shore to pray where both Jamie and Sergeant Calhoun look on to make sure she is protected. She is approached by the man she spared literally two seasons ago he asks her to wear his necklace.  She accepts. That thing better not be poisoned!

Meanwhile, Melania pays another visit to Tyrion, who rejects her advantages and earns her for now a third season that she can't be seen. this time she is seen, unknown to her.

But Tyrion has his own problems aside from woman trouble. It seems there is another major house that has come into the capital for the wedding, and their guest of honor has made a stop at the brothel.  His sister was married off to a Targaryen and had kids with him, but her family was killed and she was raped then killed by the Mountain. so naturally because he has a disturbed past he decides to stab a male patron at the house of ill repute in the hand.

Still, the meat of the episode is with Alya and Scarface, the latter who tells her she isn't getting her own horse. The two ride then spot an inn where Arya spots the man who took her sword and killed one of her fellow band of brothers fron when she was disguised as a boy. She decides to go after the man, forcing her male companion to follow her. Needless to say he goes into the joint, words are exchanged, and a fight breaks out. And Arya gets a few hits in and is able to recover her own sword, then kills the man, taking his horse, and his cooked chicken.

So now Arya Stark has both a horse and her own weapon. It might take a while, but the Starks are going to rise from the ashes like a phoenix!


  1. Jamie really needs to have a scene with Tyrion, like yesterday.

  2. Merida has to be preggers because there's no reason for her to be on this show otherwise.

  3. The Lannisters are on top due to successful manipulation, but I realize they have a gaping weakness.  They have absolutely no idea of magical threats or supernatural shenanigans aside from rumors, and this is a show with undead, dragons, and blood magic.

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