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Here's something interesting that happened to me today. Around the corner of the street, a water main broke, spewing water across the street like a severed artery. To make matters worse it blew early in the morning. I was worried we wouldn't have any water and didn't get dressed until late because of it. But at the same time, I wasn't exactly crushed by it. Thought the uncertainty wasn't fun we still had heat, electricity and food. Those three were good enough for a little while.

In other news I've entered an informal FFIII challenge (the rules are this thread) of sorts on a message board. It's not really much of a challenge so far, but it is an excuse to play through FFIII again.

In addition, for some odd reason, I've decided to reread Christopher Golden's Mutant Empire Trilogy. I last read it several years ago, but the story and prose remains very strong in my mind, unlike most books I've read. I guess I'm trying to sustain myself until I can finally can read Fledgling.

Still, life is good.

Edit: The links no longer work. Such is the state of the Internet.
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