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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #44

Another episode of Game of Thrones is here, and this one will make you feel things.

Episode 44: "Sons of the Harpy"

In King's Landing, Incest Queen now demonstrates why she has to die. The Iron Bank wants their money to be repaid and so she sends off Daddy Tyrell to Bravos to negotiate with them. She also consults with the new religious leader, the High Sparrow. She offers him wine and he admits that he doesn't like the taste of wine. So she goads him into targeting the biggest sinners in King's Landing.

His fervent followers have scars on their heads where am has been carved and Kissing Cousin has a fresh mark carved on his head. Anyway, first they go back to the bordello, burst in, and execute the male customers. Then they go up to the Flower Knight and seize him for committing abominations.

Of course, Faline is upset and tries to get King Tom Thumb to do something. King Tom Thumb confronts his mother, who tells him to go to the High Sparrow. He and some armed guards go to the church, but are met with the religious followers who are ready to fight. King Tom Thumb backs down, not wanting to commit violence.

Meanwhile, Incest Charming and BSS arrive in Dawn, with Incest Charming swearing off Tyrion after this brother killed their father. They get into a fight with some people and kill them, but meanwhile, Oberyn's female family members find out (by burying the sea captain that transported the two interlopers up to his head in sand then placing scorpions next to him) and swear vengeance.

At the wall, Jon Snow is dealing with the signing of paperwork and is in disgust that he has to allow Lord Bolton to send men to the Wall. Madam Red comes into his office and tried to use Seduction on him, but it is not very effective because he is still in love with Merida, and because he has morals.

There is also this wonderfully heartwarming scene with Shireen (yes, I know how to spell her name now) and Stannis. Shireen mentions that she's bored and Stannis says that his father said boredom is a failure of inner imagination, and she asks him if he was bored a lot as a child. The conversation then pivots to Castle Black, and she says that she likes it here but that her mother said she didn't want to bring her. Stannis bluntly says her mother shouldn't have said that. Shireen then asks Stannis if he's ashamed of her. He's in recounts the story of how she became infected with the dragon scale disease. Someone gave Stannis a doll for the infant girl knowingly tainted with germs, and she pressed the doll to her cheek. The scale started affecting her cheek and while they burned the doll, she was affected. His advisers told him to send her away so that the disease wouldn't spread and so that the disease would take her quickly instead of slowly. He refused and sent for every doctor in the land and eventually the disease was stopped. Shireen then hugs her father, and though he doesn't hug her back he clearly shares her affection.

Stannis is a good dad even if he doesn't show it.

I was wrong in my previous recap. I thought that Mormont explicitly said he was going to take Tyrion to see Daenerys. However his exact words were that he was going to take him to see the queen. So Tyrion initially thinks that he's going to take him to Incest Queen and supposedly the audience was supposed to believe that as well. Tyrion quickly deduces the identity and the motives of Mormont - he wants to get back into Daenerys' good graces.

We also hear a great deal about Daenerys's older brother, Rhaegar. (Note, I'm not even looking this name up to spell it, I'm actually using a dictation service because quite frankly I'm getting tired of making up names and Google is actually better at determining who these people are than I can.). Anyway, we get two stories about this unseen characte. First was how he was a valiant warrior with silver hair but he decided to kidnap Ned Stark's sister and rape her, starting the war that preceded this one. The second story comes from Obi-Wan himself. Obi Wan tells the nurse that Rhaegar wanted to go to the people in the actually sing to the crowds in King's Landing. Apparently he was so good at it that people actually gave him money. Sometimes he would give it away to others and other times he would keep it for himself for drinking money.

So Obi-Wan goes out to wander the streets of Mereen. Unfortunately this is when the Sons of the Harpy strike. The Unsullied go after them but through the strength of numbers the sons of the harpy actually managed to get the upper hand on the super soldiers. Grey Worm in particular is ambushed and even though he is able to fight off his attackers they are too much for him. Obi-Wan intervenes and although he's able to fight unfortunately the same is true for him and at the end both of these warriors are on the ground either dead or severely wounded.


  1. I hope nothing happens to Stannis or Shireen, because these two are good characters. Even without knowing Stannis fate, I know what type of show this is. I am worried neither of them will make it to the end.

  2. Why are they picking up this whole "Ned Stark's" sister thing now? Did Bad Dad's demise act an an event flag?

  3. Incest Charming writing off his brother is new. I just hope that's the grief talking.

  4. Weird. I didn't realize the bear was the symbol of Mormont's house. That actually explains a lot.

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