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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #45

Game of Thrones is on fire like Breath of Fire!

Episode 45 - "Kill the Boy"

The episode opens up with Grey Worm in a bed on the mend with Missandei seated over him. She tells him that he has been out of commission for three days. He then admits that he felt shame when he got stabbed not because he was afraid of dying but because he was afraid she wouldn't see her again.

Sorry, my heart is in pieces over here.

Unfortunately Obi-Wan didn't make and they put his body on display. Of course Daenerys is both heartbroken and out for blood. So she gathers all of the heads of the houses of the masters, which includes the man who petitioned her and who has been part of her Circle for a few episodes, and then forces them to go to the chamber for her dragons have been kept captive. She forces them to march forward and one unlucky master gets fried alive by her dragons, then eaten. She locks the rest of them up, including this dude who is going to be around for a while so I'm going to have to give him a name...Dragon Bait!

At the wall, Jon Snow seeks advice from the Crowmaester, who advises him to kill the boy and become the man or something.

Jon Snow is trying to negotiate terms with his prisoner... this is another guy was going to need a name while he looks wild and crazy like Lazarus from that classic Star Trek episode, that doesn't quite fit so I'm calling him Wild Man. Jon Snow asks him where the Wildlings are and he replies they aren't going to listen to anyone but Nanook of the North, and he's dead. So Jon Snow frees him and proposes a compromise, that he offers the Wildlings protection and allows them to come south of the wall. Wild Man says that Jon has to come with him.

So at the mess hall Jon makes his decision known and only a few people like it. Despite this Stannis is watching on and even speaks to Sam about the whole dragon glass incidents. Apparently Jon has to use some of Stannis ships get the people out from the north which is a little bit odd. Why can't they go through the wall?

And then we're in Winterfell.  I actually thought they were at the Dreadfort for this, but Winterfell is where we are now.  We have another dumb sex scene that didn't even need to be a sex scene.  Apparently, Ramsay's side chick is jealous because Ramsay is marrying Sansa.  Side Chick puts on some clothes, then leads Sansa to Reek.  Later, Reek confesses to Ramsay that he "let" Sansa see him. Ramsay forgives him.

After this we have a dinner, in which Reek is re-introduced to Sansa as a servant, and Ramsay displays his power over Reek by making him apologize to Sansa for killing her brothers. Lord Bolton then announces that his wife is pregnant to Ramsay's dismay.

But we ping back to Mereen and Daenerys is unsure as to how to proceed with her prisoners. Obi-Wan had counseled her to be merciful but she isn't sure the right course of action is. She asks Missandei for guidance, who tells her Daenerys has made decisions following advice and has made decisions rejected advice and finding a third way.

So Daenerys goes to Dragon Bait's cell and he is afraid to die and kneeling. She then tells him that she will reopen the pits and marry one of the members... one who happens to be on this knees (meaning him).

Towards the end of the episode we get more adventures with Mormont and Tyrion in a rowboat. Instead of taking the usual route to Mereen, Mormont goes through the ruins of a city that sounded as if it was destroyed by a volcano from the exposition. There's also a recounting of a lost age as a dragon flies overhead.

Despite the river smoldering and the place seeming deserted, it is not as the people afflicted with the dragon disease, the Stone Men, come and attack both Mormont and a tied up Tyrion. Woman tries to fight them off but he notably does not untying Tyrion despite Tyrion's pleas to free him. Mormont also warns Tyrion not to get touched by these attackers

He goes overboard, and while tied up and underwater, is reached at by one of the Stone Men, and everything goes black.

Fortunately that's not the end as we next see Tyrion ashore with Mormont. They've lost their boat and now they'll have to walk the rest of the way. Worse yet Mormont has been touched (and keeps this info from Tyrion) and he has a patch of gray scales from one of the attackers on his skin. And now another genuinely good guy is doomed in this show.


  1. Jon is being very risky with Stannis ships. I really hope nothing is going to happen to those boats because otherwise Stannis is not going to be able to become King and it'll all be Jon Snow's fault.

  2. I have to admit that Ramsey's being a little paranoid when it comes to his anger over his mother - or I guess it's his stepmother, I'm not sure - giving his father an heir because there's only a 50-50 chance that it will be a boy.  Plus, even if that figure is a boy, Ramsay is marrying the "last" Stark.

  3. I would think Mormont should just tell Tyrion the truth instead of trying to hide the zombie-dragon infection.  He could hack of his hand and be like Incest Charming and Reek.

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