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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #46

I have to say that I found myself enjoying this show a lot more this season. The role of religion has been expanded in many ways beyond a certain red woman's burnt offerings, and our characters are actually being challenged for the most part as to who they are.  Even Jon Snow is at least being defined by resisting temptation.

So you know, I didn't think we'd go to the bad old days, right?  I mean, surely we went past the days where there was violence for violence's sake and people were petty and cruel and plagued the gods for their, I admit, this show would have never been as fun as Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, but it has been much better, and I'm finally starting to like this ride...

Episode 46: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken"

Arya dutifully washes yet another corpse, then wants to know when she can be come a girl without a face or something to that effect. She asks the other girl who whipped her a couple of episodes ago what she's doing here. The girl tells a story of being the daughter of a noble, and that her stepmother tried to kill her with poison, but she sought the help of an assassin and she came here in gratitude. She then hints that the entire story she told was a lie.

Later, Red Sparrow asks Arya who she is. Instead of saying "no one" (as she thought she should say) she tells the truth...for the most part. She fibs on minor details and every time she does, Red Sparrow hits her. She says she hated Scarface and he hits her even more, saying that she's lying to herself.

This leads to a scene later where a man brought this dying lady to the pool, saying he exhausted all efforts at trying to make her well. Arya tells the dying girl that she was once sick but drank from the well, which healed her. The girl then drinks from the well, which is poison that kills her. Apparently, this mixture of mendacity and mercy is enough to grant Arya more privileges.

So Red Sparrow shows Arya the secret. The catacombs are filled with the faces of people who have died, presumably the corpses they have been washing. I recognize this imagery from one of the posters or promotional materials for this series.

Back at the capital, Granny Goodwench returns to the capital, as does Don't Trust Me, Bro. The Kissing Cousin and his fellow Sparrows confront him, but eventually let him through. He lies to Incest Queen that Sansa Stark somehow fled to the north on her own and . Incest Queen is furious! Also, Granny Goodwench is also angry, saying he grandson should not be locked up. Incest Queen replies that it's a matter of a religious inquest.

At the inquest, the High Sparrow asks the Flower Knight if he's engaged in same-sex intercourse, and he says no. The High Sparrow asks Faline if she knew her brother liked the company of men and she denies it. Then comes Oliver Twist, who busts that not only has the Flower Knight been intimate, but Faline burst in on them as they were having intercourse. Consequently, both the Flower Knight and the Queen are locked up for crimes against nature.

Elsewhere, Tyrion tells Mormont his father is dead as they walk along the shoreline as "travelling companions" as Tyrion put it. Unfortunately, the two of them are spotted by slave traders. One is ready to slit Tyrion's throat immediately for his genitals, but Tyrion thankfully talks them out of it. They then mention that Danearys has reopened the fighting pits. Tyrion claims Mormont is a fiercer fighter and Mormont says he slayed a Dothraki rider. I don't know if he's lying or not, because it has been so long since the Dothraki were on this show and relevant. Anyway, they'll probably take him to Mereen and get the dragon pox for their troubles.

Also, there's the place that I thought was called "Dawn" from the way people pronounced it, but was "Dorne." Incest Charming's NieceDaughter is in love with a Dornish Boy (who may be Prince Bashir's son, but I can't tell), but Incest Charming and BSS try to take her away. Unfortunately, the ladies sent by Oberyn's widow fight Incest Charming and BSS. It's a good fight scene, but the fight is interrupted by Dornish guards who make everyone drop their weapons.

But the real emotional content comes from Winterfell. Ramsay and his father chat about what the new addition to the family means, and daddy explains Ramsay's past. Meanwhile, Side Chick tries to scare Sansa away, telling her that Ramsay gets bored with women. Sansa, showing character growth, doesn't blink and puts on a show of not being scared. However, her wedding night approaches and Reek is instructed to give Sansa away.

Sansa and Ramsay get married and Sansa and Ramsay go to the marital chambers. Ramsay tells her to take off her clothes, then bends her over and has his way with her. And he makes Reek watch.

Ramsay Bolton needs to die now.  And other notes:

  1. Wait, how does Tyrion know that Mormont's father died? That happened beyond the wall, and Tyrion was busy trying to keep himself alive and busy figuring out how much Westeros owed the Iron Bank.

  2. I can understand being convinced to go along with a trial, but to arrest the queen for lying is suspect, given that there is no way to prove she knew what the Flower Knight was doing.

  3. It didn't hit me initially how Don't Trust Me, Bro could lie so blatantly and yet Incest Queen be fooled. Then I realized with Uncle Fester gone, Don't Trust Me, Bro is literally the only source of information.

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