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Game of Thrones Episode by Episode #53

A few episodes into this season, and it seems clear there is a definitive shift in direction in this show. It's trying to pick up all those plot threads from the first season that were abandoned and establishing itself as more fantasy heavy than fantasy-lite.

Episode 53: "Oathbreaker"

So Jon Snow is back among the living and naked. He wakes up up confused, so CrabMan and Madame red quickly tend to him. He is upset because he thought he did the right thing by taking in the Wildlings, then got murdered for it. Madame Red asks him if he saw anything when on the other side but he said he saw nothing.

And the very next scene is of him clothed and going to the Survey Corps and hugging his fellow soldiers and the Wild Man.

Meanwhile, on a boat Sam is seasick. They're both supposedly headed somewhere so that Sam could become a Maester, but Sam reveals that he is taking Mamacita and the baby to his home. He says he wants to protect them.

Elsewhere we get these young people we have never seen before who are about to fight these armored people with hydra insignia. It turns out that one of the young people is Ned Stark and the other one of the young people is in an opponent that he beat. Of course this really is a vision of the past that the old raven and Bran are watching. Basically, in the tower is Aunt Lyanna (at least that's how the dictation device spells it) and Ned has come to rescue her. He and his contingent have to face these armored soldiers and almost all of the people with him die immediately. Ned faces one of these soldiers and even though it's one-on-one combat one of Ned's wounded friend stabs the soldier in the back allowing Ned to deal the fatal blow.

After this Ned starts to climb the stairs to the tower when Bran wants to follow. Bran calls out to his father, who seems to hear him. Again this is very similar to a recently-released scene in the Attack on Titan manga. However the old man brings Bran forcefully out of the past and he warns Bran that he can't stay in the past forever.

In the Eastern lands, the Dothraki have taken Daenerys to a tent with all of the other widows of Khals. Apparently a Khal is more like a chief rather than a king. Daenerys meets this lady who looks like she need to name and so I'm going to call her Black Widow. Anyway Black Widow is the leader of the widows and she says if she is lucky they'll let her live. They say all the Khals have gathered here. Daenerys begins to give her a boasting speech, but Black Widow corrects her and says yet she's just another widow her, nothing special.

In Mereen, Uncle Fester has made some progress on his investigation of the masked terrorists, the Sons of the Harpy. He finds that one whore who helped trick the unsullied into a slaughter. He offers her passage out of Mereen for her and her son if she complies, noting that her employers will likely kill her. She complies.

Tyrion tries to talk to Missandei and Grey Worn, but since both of them are serious and quiet, it doesn't go well, especially since neither of them drink.

So Uncle Fester bursts in and tells them that the Sons of the Harpy are being financed by masters in the other cities. Grey Worm wants to march on the other cities, but it is pointed out that having the Unsullied march would leave Mereen defenseless. So Tyrion tells Uncle Fester to send a message with his "little birds."

We then learn through a scene with that mad scientist dude on the Small Council that "little birds" -- the euphemism for spies -- are children. In the capital, the mad scientist who revived the Mountain, who sounds like how Kieben pronounced his name, and I'm going to tease evil_kieben by calling him that, gives kids candies in exchange for information.

Meanwhile the Small Council is holding a meeting, and Incest Queen bursts in with the Mountain and wants a seat, so they all leave the room, leaving her alone.

Also, King Tom Thumb decides to march against the High Sparrow, but the High Sparrow instead is patient and talked to Tom Thumb, telling him of atonement and how once the sinners have atoned for their crimes, their punishment will be over. King Tom Thumb notes that the High Sparrow sounds like his grandfather.

Back in Bravos, Arya trains to be an assassin while blind, being questioned on her past and fighting with a stick blind against the Spoiler. Red Sparrow then gives her some of the poison water and tells her to drink it, telling her that if she is really "no one" her eyes will be given back. She drinks it and she is able to see again. So she is now, truly "no one."

Ramsay Bolton also gets more good news in the form of two prisoners. One is the Wild Thing, who we haven't seen since the end of Season. The other is a grown Baby Stark. Ramsay asks how he knows these people are who they're presented to be. They then show him the severed head of their direwolf.

Finally, Jon Snow decides to execute Mr. Grumps, Oliver Twist, and the other mutineers. He then hands his black cloak to one of his pal, then walks away.


  1. Aunt Lyanna is in that tower and was alleged raped by a Targaryen...I hope this is not going where I think it's going with some Stark/Targaryen shenanigans.

  2. These direwolves are dropping like flies! At this point, aren't Bran's and Jon Snow's the only ones left?

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