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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #54

Game of Thrones this season is a completely different show. Yes, it's still following the same plot lines, but whereas before there were complications upon complications, now things are getting resolved really, really quickly.

Too quickly.

Episode 54: "Book of the Stranger"

So Jon Snow is ready to quit and leave the wall when all of a sudden, Sansa, Sergeant Calhoun, and Podrick arrive. The siblings hug each other and they talk, but Jon Snow is in wallow mode and wants to press the reset button on the video game console.

And finally CrabMan asks Madame Red some questions about how Stannis and Shireen died. She's evasive, and Sergeant Calhoun admits she killed Stannis and expresses her disgust, saying she was sworn to Young Buck and saw him murdered by black magic. So Madame Red is let off the hook...for now

Back in Mereen, Tyrion decides to offer a compromise to the slave masters of the cities that Daenerys conquered - they phase out slavery within seven years but they must cut their funding of the masked terrorists. They act like they might consider it. Both Missandei and Grey Worm tell Tyrion that was a bad idea, but Tyrion insists that this compromise will work. This is going to backfire horribly, but I hope so, because Tyrion, you've been right too many times and it's about time you mess up and miscalculate.

Meanwhile, Mormont is having trouble keeping up with Dario on the way to the Dothraki came. The two of them overlook the camp. Mormont tells Dario the rules; they can't bring weapons inside the camp. Dario sees that Mormont has the dragon pox, but relinquishes all his weapons, or so it seems. The two men sneak into the gathering, are busted, and have to fight off two Dothraki. Dario dispatches of his opponent easily, but Mormont is nearly killed by the man he has to follow. Dario saves his life by stabbing his assailant with the knife he did not get rid of, but Mormont mentions that a stab wound is going to draw a lot of attention, so they smash his corpse's head with a rock. They run into Daenerys, who now has a new Dothraki BFF, has a plan.

But before we get to that plan the capital, Granny Goodwench is livid and wants to do something against the High Sparrow. Incest Queen suggests that she take her forces and attack the religious fanatics. In return the King's men will stand aside and not intervene.

Also, on the Iron Islands, the Waterboy comes home, but Stephanie McMahon is still angry with him. He tells her he wants to support her claim of taking over this region.

And back up north Ramsay is being Ramsay, as the Wild Thing tries to fearlessly seduce him, only for him to kill her. Seriously, this is a Wildling with a past we have invested in and would give insight to the Wall people and she gets killed? What a waste! So Ramsay Bolton sends word up north and makes his outrageous boast that Jon Snow had better give Sansa back to him or else he'll do really, really mean things.

But back to the Dothraki camp, Daenerys puts her plan into action by going before the Dothraki chiefs. She then starts to boast that she will lead the Dothraki, riling them up So her against a bunch of men. She has no weapons, and they have no weapons, but with their size, the can take her on, right?

Nope. Because the she's immune to fire. So she tips over all the torches in the place and burns it down and emerges from the burning building naked.

And everyone bows to her, including Mormont and Dario.

Not this White Savior shit again. NOT AGAIN!


  1. Was the actress who played Wild Thing pregnant? She looked like she had a baby bump.

  2. Madame Red now thinks Jon Snow is the chosen one. Aren't all the signs pointing to Daenerys being the chosen one? She's the one the Red Priests and the only one who Madame Red can't burn up.

  3. Granny Goodwench is really stupid if she falls for this obvious trap. Incest Queen is going to tell the High Sparrow the Tyrell Corporation is going to march, and the Tyrells are going to be executed for heresy and going against the faith.

  4. If Baby Stark is coming back, who's next? MiniTaur?

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