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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #55

Game fof Thrones has stopped trying to be poilitical drama with magical trappings and is now deep into Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fantasy territory.  I have to admit, it took long enough.  But why did it have to break my heart along the way?

Episode 55: "The Door"

The episode begins with Sansa sewing a new outfit for Jon Snow. Don't Trust Me Bro appears, but Sansa doesn't want to hear any of his excuses, mentioning that he delivered her from one monster only to give her to another monster. However, he does give her some information, that one of the houses may be receptive to joining Jon Snow.

In Bravos, Arya is learning what it is to be an assassin. Red Sparrow gives her an assignment, to kill one of the actors. She looks at the play the target is in, which is a farce based on the death of her father and the aftermath. It is really interesting how twisted everything is, with Tyrion portrayed as Ned's scheming ally when Ned actually wanted him brought to the capital for trial. Anyway, she comes back to the Black and White House. Red Sparrow tells her what she has to do and she asks questions. He reminds her that a servant doesn't ask questions.

And up north, Bran receives more history of how the world came to be this way...You see there is a human who is tied to a tree, surrounded by these fairy children. They press an enchanted bark into his chest, which turns his eyes blue. Yes these fairy kids created the White Walkers from humans as a defense against humans cutting down their trees. We see how that turned out, but that's not the end of it.

Yet in the islands near the sea. Stephanie gives her speech saying she should rule and be their leader, The Waterboy tells the gathering that she is the rightful leader and successor. Then the guy from before who pushed the Old Man of the Sea to his death comes back to interrupt their gathering. I'm going to need a name for this fool, so he's Uncle Captain. Uncle Captain outlines his grand plan; he will marry Daenerys and use her army to take over Westeros. These fools buy this line, and so they take him to the drowning pool and baptize him, pronouncing him the next leader. By the time he comes to, Stephanie and the Waterboy have taken their ships.

Meanwhile, Daenerys is torn, because while she banished Mormont, he came back and continued to save her life, but she cannot go back on her words as a queen. Mormont makes the decision for her and reveals he has the dragon pox. Daenerys "orders" him to find a cure, and the two part sadly.

In her own kingdom, Tyrion and Uncle Fester meet with another one of those priestesses. Uncle Fester is less than polite and civil for once, reflecting his hatred of magicians and sorcery, but Tyrion is more conciliatory. Either way, they realize they need to make sure Daenerys is respected and adored, not just feared.  In other words, unlike Incest Queen, they're making alliances with religious figures instead of trying to just use them.

And in the north Sansa gives Jon both a new overgarment and information about the sympathetic house, but lies and said she saw the information when with Ramsay Bolton. Sergeant Calhoun later privately disparages Sansa for lying. Sergeant Calhoun also admits she doesn't trust Madame Red or CrabMan.

Back to Bran. He decided to go dreamwalking again and then comes across Old Blue Eyes' army. He walks through it only to see Old Blue Eyes himself, who grabs his arm like one of those Frost Giants in Thor.

This is bad because now Old Blue Eyes knows where Bran is. The undead swarm the tree where they are holed up. Bran takes over Hodor as the Sister Act and the fairies fight off the skeletal army of darkness.

But because this show is closer to ending than it is beginning, we end with with sadness.

The direlwolf gets killed, as do many of the fairy children. The old man/old raven also is killed at the hands of the Walkers, who devour the tree. In the end Bran and Sister Act are chased to a door that leads for the outside. After the two pass Hodor presses up against the door from the outside, with the Sister Act yelling at him to hold the door.

At the same time bran is now back in the past, with the past version of Hodor who is still in his right mind. Using his mental powers Brian in the past takes over the boy causing him to have a seizure. He repeats the command that was given to him from the future "hold the door." The boy literally collapses and convulses repeating the phrase "hold the door" until it becomes mangled into "Hodor."

And, of course, in the present Hodor also dies.


  1. Okay, if Sansa is still "feeling" the things that Ramsay did to her, that sounds more like pregnancy than PTSD. If there is ever an ethical case for an abortion, this one is a prime example.

  2. Mormont is going to go full dragon zombie and I can't wait.

  3. If I'm counting correctly, the only direwolf left is Moon Moon. Even Jon Snow's direwolf gets plot armor.

  4. I find a delightfully fitting that Sergeant Calhoun cast the same aspersions on Madame Red and CrabMan that people had cast upon her. In a more idealistic setting, she would have the self-awareness to realize that people aren't who other say they are and then sometimes allegiances shift not out of choice but duty. Here she's just a hypocrite, which fits perfectly in this world.

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