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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #56

So Game of Thrones is a fantasy-political drama, right?  Oh, right. This series now remembers what it was.

Epsiode 56: "Blood of My Blood"

Not all that much happened in this episode, but what did happen was important.

We begin with an extended dreamwalking sequence which is undercut with reality.  The reality is that Sister Act is dragging Bran by herslef.  Brad is lost between Sleep Mode and awareness.  However, the undead are closing  in and these kids are rescued by a figure in a cloak.  It's none other than Uncle Stark, the uncle Jon Snow was looking for.

He reveals that he was lost behind the wall and the Walkers did mortally wound him.  However, he completely died, the fairy kids stabbed him with the same enchanted material used to turn humans into Walkers, stopping the process.

But the focus on the episode is on the neglected Sam, who brings Mamacita to his house's home.  He lies and says that her baby is his son, and he also doesn't tell them that she's a Wildling.

And what do you know, his jerk of a father has a Valerian steel sword...and a fanatical hatred for Wildlings.

So it naturally comes out, after Sam's mother and sister are nice to her and doll her up that Mamacita is a Wildling at the dinner table.  Sam's dad is angry, but he's willing to let her and the baby stay, on condition that his son NEVER return.  But Sam, who is unable to stand up for Mamacita at the dinner table, decides that he will protect them and takes them with him as he leaves.  He also steals that  Valerian steel sword, since, you know, it's an undead killing sword and a valuable piece of equipment.

In other news, the Tyrell Corporation marches on the capital.  Surprisingly, Incest Charming, despite being part of the King's Guard and therefore neutral, rides alongside them.  Even more shocking, there's not a double-cross from Incest Queen's end; the Tyrells and the Lannister genuinely want a permanent separation of church and state.  So they confront the High Sparrow in public who seemingly caves...only to bring out their newest convert, King Tom Thumb!  He was converted in large part because of Queen Faline baring her soul to him about how she was a bitch in deer's clothing.  As a result, the Faith and the Crown are a new Facgime in a Corporate Ministry.

King Tom Thumb relieves Incest Charming! In the words of Paul Bearer..."Oh, yes!" And so the Incest Twins cry about how the High Sparrow has their son and they're going to get him back!


We also get a development in Arya's assassination woes when after spiking an actress' drink and speaking with her target, Arya realizes that she doesn't want to be an assassin, pretending to be other people for all her life and killing people.  So she prevents the actress from drinking the poison wine.  And The Spoiler sees her.  The Spoiler reports to Red Sparrow, who tells her "Don't make her suffer." Ouch.

But Arya is thinking a few steps ahead of her opponent.  She knows she's going to pay, so retrieves the sword she hid, then she gathers her things, then goes to a dark area and blows out a candle.

Also, out in the East, Daenerys is riding, leading Dario and her army with her.  She asks Dario how many ships she would need to transport her unsullied and her Dothraki to Westeros and he says a thousand .  She then goes forward to retrieve her dragon and returns atop it, delivering an inspiring speech that all of the Dothraki are her blood riders and holds an impromptu pep rally.

There's something else funny going on at the Twins.  It turns out crotchety Walter Frey is talking about some "blackfish" but because I have no idea who this is referring to, I don't have a clue as to what is going on.  So they bring a prisoner to him and it's Ramsay Bolton's father...or at least someone with a strong resemblance to him.  Does Bolton have a twin?  Did they fake his death?  Did that priest dude bring him back?

  1. I love Arya's plan.  She's going to fight The Spoiler in darkness, where she has the advantage due to spending weeks blind.

  2. Right now I'm Team High Sparrow.  He's keeping the realm in line without killing scores.

  3. If Uncle Stark can come back, is there hope for MiniTaur who was sent on a rowboat to nowhere?

  4. I hate to admit this, but I am disappointed in "The Mountain." Maybe this character will do something other than being a killing machine, but I half-expected this guy to be a relatively developed fellow given how much I've heard people talk about him.

  5. I just realize Bravos is right along the way to King's Landing from Daenerys' position.  Is this woman going to take her dragons and melt the Iron Bank?

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