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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #57

So I'm watching Game of Thrones...and now I'm more puzzled than ever...

Episode 57: "The Broken Man"'

So this episode, like the Season 4 opener begins with an introductory scene before the opening credits. There are some people building an tower and one of them is Scarface! He's alive! These people are led by a priest, who seems like a good priest.

Unfortunately, the Men without Borders come to pay a visit to them. Scarface knows that Borderless dudes will need resources and will take from this group. The priest tells him the answer is not to answer violence with violence

Elsewhere, Stephanie tries to score LGBT+ points by grinding on another woman while she and Waterboy are in a tavern. Maybe it's me, but I was hoping that a tough-as-nails-lady doesn't have to be a woman who likes women, but stereotypes exist for a reason. Anyway, she stops the whole process when Waterboy is visibly distressed by this place. Stephanie responds to his obvious trauma by telling him to snap out of it and either he should take his life, or he should be the fighter she knows he is. He vows to do the latter. She then says she's going to beat Uncle Captain to the punch and ask Daenerys for help first.

Up North, Jon Snow needs more houses to march against Winterfell. They meet Lady Mormont...who is a 10 year old girl who acts just like Shireen. Apparently CrabMan notes the resemblance in the behavior as he is genuinely warmed by her presence. I guess Dragon Pox Mormont is her cousin. Anyway, Lady Mormont is a tough nut to crack, but she agrees to lend Jon Snow her men, all 62 of them. So Jon Snow convinces the Wildlings to march down to Winterfell with the few houses that did send arms.

Isn't going in with an under-prepared army what got Stannis killed?

And Sansa is sending letters to someone, presumably Don't Trust Me Bro.

There's a lot in this episode that I legitimately did not understand. I haven't been this confused since the first season. I mean in the south, Incest Charming and BSS are trying to raid Walter Frey's castle -- I guess he's the "blackfish." Somehow, the Lannister forces got New Bolton (how?) but Walter Frey says they can kill their prisoner.

I thought Walter Frey was older, but apparently he can put on armor and decides to talk with Incest Charming face-to-tace, who offers him peace if they surrender. He does not.

And there's some talk between Granny Goodwench and Incest Queen about how the two houses need each other more than ever. Faline smuggles a message to Granny Goodwench, the symbol of the rose, and warns her to get out of town.

Also, in Bravos, I guess Arya is not as prepared as I thought she'd be. Although she does secure passage to a ship, she is caught off-guard as the Spoiler sneaks up on her in the guise of an old lady and stabs her in the stomach. Unfortunately, the Spoiler doesn't follow Red Sparrow's instructions and just pushes her into the water instead of slitting her throat and giving her a merciful death.

As a result, Arya is able to climb out the water, but she bleeds heavily, and while people look at her stumble and walk, no one helps her.

Anyway, at the end of the episode, Scarface comes back to camp after splitting firewood and all his companions are dead and the priest hung himself. I really couldn't tell if the people committed suicide, if they were butchered by the bandits, or what Anyway, he picks up his hatchet.


  1. Okay, with all these people coming back to life and the lookalikes, is there any way Shireen is still alive? Come on. That girl can't be dead.

  2. I am still confused about who this New Bolton guy is. Is this Ramsay's father, just spirited away? Is it his twin? Is it someone else?

  3. I'm pretty sure that stab attack took away Arya's ability to have children (it was the same as done to Florence Nightingale at the Red Wedding), which means Sansa's even more likely to be pregnant now.

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