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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #58

All right, I'm less confused this episode. I'm pretty sure it's because the writing and direction made things a lot more clear, whereas last episode was expecting the viewer to connect the dots.

Episode 58: "No One"

The actress Arya failed to kill delivers her final monologue in the play based on Joffey's life, taking Arya's advice into consideration. She then leaves the stage, while a wounded Arya has been able to stumble backstage. The actress takes her to her room, patches her up, gives her soup and morphine. She offers Arya the chance to go with her, Arya says she won't put her in danger.

Also, Scarface is back in action with an axe, killing members of the Men without Borders.

In Mereen, Uncle Fester departs on some secret mission. The next thing we know, Tyrion is trying to get Grey Worm and Missandei to loosen up by pressuring them to drink and tell jokes. It's a mild success, but meaningless as the horn blows and ships bearing the sigil of the Harpy sail to Mereen, ready to wage war.

In the capital, Keiben tells Incest Queen that she has a guest and she leaved with him and the Mountain. However, the religious army wants Incest Queen to come with her to see the High Sparrow. The queen unleashes the Mountain, who kills one of the religious militants. This comes to bite her in the end as King Tom Thumb declares there will be no more trial by combat, and Incest Queen will be judged the traditional way.

Her son is holding his mother accountable. I love this king. And now Incest Queen knows what Tyrion went through, except she's guilty.

And of course, there is Riverrun. I was wrong. I thought the Blackfish was Walter Frey who somehow got younger. No, the Blackfish is one of Mama Stark's kin. Likewise, the guy I thought was a Bolton wasn't a Bolton at all, but Mama Stark's brother.

Okay, now I get what's going on. Incest Charming is here to enforce the return of Riverrun to Walter Frey, and the guy Walter Frey captured was the guy who got married off, not Lord Bolton. I'm getting all these people confused.

Sergeant Calhoun comes to the Lannister camp with a proposition, that she talk Blackfish into surrendering and that he lead his army north. She also mentions that honor will force her to fight alongside him if he refuses. She tries to talk to the Blackfish, who refuses.

However, Incest Charming has a plan. He terrorizes the prisoner, Mama Stark's brother, into convincing his men to stand down. So they release him, and against the Blackfish's plea, they let the man in, who orders them to stand down. They do, all except for the Blackfish, Sergeant Calhoun, and Podric. The latter two get on a rowboat and leave, but the former stays behind and fights to the bitter end. Incest Charming sees Sergeant Calhoun and her squire rowboating away.

Also, Scarface catches up to the ringleaders of the band who killed his friends (yes, it's made clear than these people were slaughtered, not dying in a Kingsman-style frenzy). It turns out the real Men without Borders are ready to execute them, although they reluctantly allow him to kill two of them. He takes the boots of one of the victims, but the Men Without Borders tell him he has a place in the world.

Back at Mereen, the Sons of the Harpy are catapulting fireballs on the capital. Tyrion tries to give his military strategy and Grey Worm shuts him up, telling the soldiers that they need to defend the pyramid. All of a sudden, the ceiling quakes. Everyone is on edge, but it turns out it's just Daenerys who got a lift from her dragon. And the dragon...flies away instead of setting the ships on fire? Huh?

Oh, but the real fun is the rest of Bravos. The Spoiler catches up to Arya and kills the actress. Thus begins a long, long chase where Arya eventually leads her would-be killer to the room we say before. It turns out that just as I expected, as Arya cuts off the candle part of the light, rendering the world dark. Arya goes back to the Black and White House, and gives Red Sparrow the face from the Spoiler's corpse, with fresh red blood. He says she is now no one, but she says she's Arya Stark!


  1. I am enjoying the slow downfall of Incest Queen. Maybe by the end of this things, she will be a mad wretch.

  2. Arya has somehow become one of my favorite characters.  I don't know when it happened, but this little girl has grown into her own.

  3. Once again, without Jon Snow and Bran, this show is so much better.

  4. I also like that Tyrion is genuinely wrong for once, not simply being outmaneuvered.  He made a mistake. How will he recover?

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