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Game of Thrones - Episode by Episode #71

Only three more episodes to go. No, I watched this episode, so there are two more episodes to go. There are three summaries to write and here they come.

Episode 71: "The Last of the Starks"

The episode opens up with Jon Snow making a speech to the crowd in front of the funeral pyres for all the fallen. Both Mormonts, the Waterboy, and others are all to be burned in one final send off. Daenerys and other figures of note like Sansa all go forward to light the wood on fire.

However, the next scene is a celebration, with nearly everyone getting drunk and engaging in revelry. Tyrion plays his famous drinking game which is essentially "Truth or Drink" instead of "Truth or Dare." Unfortunately, he gets too personal in his questioning, prompting Sergeant Calhoun to leave the table, and Incest Charming to follow her into her chambers. So for the first time in his life, Incest Charming has non-incest sex, with Sergeant Calhoun as his willing partner. Maybe he is Fix-It Felix after all. Wild Man is disappointed that Incest Charming swooped Sergeant Calhoun from him.

But Wild Man is not the only attendee who is less than pleased. Daenerys is less than happy, as she sees Jon being happy and being loved while no one is paying attention to her. She calls out Gendry, who is looking for Arya, and appoints him a house. He's elated and runs out of the room to find Arya. Arya is practicing her archery. He tells her the news and proposes to her, but she turns him down, devastating him.

Back to Daenerys, who is still morose. She retreats from the party, then later meets up with Jon. She wants to be intimate with him, but he pushes her away, because he doesn't want to incest up the joint. She then asks him to promise him to not tell anyone of his heritage.

Oh, and later on Tyrion and Incest Charming are commiserating when all of a sudden, BSS bursts in the room with a crossbow. See, BSS was given the task of killing the two Lannister brothers a few episodes hack, and  now he is livid and just might do it. He punches Tyrion in the nose for talking. In the end, they offer him the Tyrell Corporation if he lets them live. He accepts.

But back to Daenerys. Jon wants to support her, but Sansa says her troops need rest. Jon decides to talk to his sisters and tells them the truth, that he's a Targaryen, not a Stark. So Sansa, of course, tells Tyrion, who tells Uncle Fester, and the next thing you know, the two are plotting how to use this information to their advantage.

Then the next thing are the goodbyes. The Wildlings decide to go back up north, and Jon's direwolf is going with them north. Sam has knocked up Mamacita. One of Daenerys' dragons was wounded during the fight, but is recovering. The same can't be said for Daenerys. It's clear this ordeal with the undead, the loss of her dragon, and the rift between her and Jon, things are spiraling out of control for for Daenerys. However, she continues to march south. Her armies also sail south and she flies alongside them on her dragon. Unfortunately, there is an enemy on the sea to face her.

Uncle Captain is here, and his fleet now has a whole bunch of dragon-killing bolts. These bolts kill the wounded dragon, while the dragon that Daenerys rides is able to evade. However, Uncle Captain soon turns his sights on Grey Worm's boat. Grey Worm and the other Unsullied make it to shore...but Missandei is nowhere to be found. It turns out Uncle Captain's forces captured her.

And so Arya and Scarface ride alongside each other, apparently leaving Winterfell. Also, Incest Charming, despite finding love and happiness with his dynamite gal, decides to leave her and ride south.

Meanwhile, Incest Queen is being awful, welcoming the citizens of the city near her keep and using them as hostages. In her mind Daenerys won't kill her in King's Landing as long as there are innocents who will get in the way. Although Daenerys is sorely tempted to raze King's Landing, she listens to her advisors...for now.

So Daenerys, Grey Worm, and her gang pay Incest Queen a visit at the walls of King's Landing. Tyrion pleads with Incest Queen to surrender, but Incest Queen has learned from her son how to be evil and cruel for no reason. She orders the Mountain to execute their prisoner, Missandei, and he does.


  1. I'm really disappointed with the death of Missandei. This was no need to kill her off. Every death so far has served a purpose and has been emotionally heart-wrenching. This was just cruel, since Missandei had never done anything to Incest Queen. If a Lannister always pays his debts, Incest Queen has racked up a ton of bad karma.

  2. On the other hand, it is obvious that while there are many cracks in Daenerys grab for power, the biggest one isn't the awful truth, but the death of Mormont. Now she understands how he felt with a love that she could not return.

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