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I don't think I can do it again. I've put my heart out there and once again I'm slapped in the face. I think I realize what my problem is now. The problem is everyone I know already know has other people to turn to that make up their own support network. That way, if I say something someone doesn't like she or he doesn't even have to care really, not to let it hurt them the way their words hurt you. The people I know have not just another person or just a few disconnected souls people but an entire collective of support, encouragement, and fraternity to turn to. That leaves lone wolves like myself vulnerable, even though like a lone wolf, I'm not really that independent, but I got kicked out of the pack. But I thought people were beyond that. I thought we could deal with each other on a one by one basis.

The solution is simple. I need to find people who will look up to me, be in awe of me, and whose entire desire is to truly be empathetic to my needs. That way, even though betrayal would still happen, I'd have other people to stand against the traitors. If anyone's willing to join, sign up.
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