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It feels so good to write this

No, this didn't happen to me. Just a story I had to get off my chest.

Little Christine was a good little girl who went to church on Sunday and read the Bible every day of every week. She then grew up to be a big girl who still went to church on Sunday, but read the Bible a little less than she used to. She felt she knew the Scripture well enough, and cherished the lessons her parents and pastor has instilled in her. She would remain chaste until marriage, for the perfect person would wait for her as she waited for him.

Then she met the Guy. For years after they were just friends, but slolwy Christine realized he was the one for her. He was patient and kind, embodying all the fruits of the Spirit, and though far wealthier than her, didn't seem to discriminate against his friends, who all loved him. They knew each other inside and out.

So they began to date. But the Guy told her something. He told her that while her old-fasioned values were important to her, they would never work in today's society. He said he understood how she felt, but that no one was going to wait until marriage to have sex. After all they knew each other and loved each other, that they should have a roll in the hay to express their mutual devotion. Besides, he would always be there for her, so there'd be no need to worry about his commitment.

Now Christine had a choice. She could have told the Guy that her body was a temple and that she was going to find someone else. Or she could just give in and sumbit her desisres for his. After all, realistically no man was going to wait, and she had known him for so long. He wasn't just a nice looking guy, but he was a sweet person, someone she would easily submit to.

So they had sex, and though it hurt the first time and there was no protection, she did it because she decided to give up something for him. Then they had it again and again, sometimes with condoms, sometimes without. It still didn't feel "good" but more like an overpowering friction, heat and pressure. The Guy told her that she expected too much and that it wasn't like the movies. She became worried he would leave her but he promised he would always be there for her.

Time passed and the idea of marriage gained a stonger foothold in Christine's mind. She was living in sin. She asked the Guy if he would ever get married. He laughed. He didn'y want to get married. She was the only one who wanted to get married and he wasn't going to give in to her demands. She mentioned the fact saying that she loved him and she'd given up her virginity to him. Then he showed he his little black book...of all his female friends. Actually he had been seeing these women for for quite some time, and unlike Christine, were just fine with his ways. Naive Christine had just assumed the women were just his friends, but they were girlfriends, some of whom were now pregnant with his children and were higher in the Guy's esteem than Christine. She hadn't known him at all.

The Guy changed the locks his apartment, bragging that he was able to dump her before she dumped him. She wasn't good in the sack, he said, and since she wasn't a virgin, she couldn't claim to be pure either, He also told her that she would always come back to him, and that he would forgive her, because he's that good of a friend. Hurt beyond belief she deleted all traces of the Guy from her life.

And then a few days later Christine felt the consequences of their relationship.

No, she didn't end up pregnant, and while she was certainly glad she did not have a bun in the oven, Christine would have accepted the task of brining a new life into this world. She was a good little Christian who understood that life was sacred and that while being a single mother would not be easy, at least some good would come out of all this bad.

Nor did she end up with AIDS, although the thought ran through her mind. But her punishment wouldn't be the awful ravages of a declining immune system. Her stigma would not necessairly be a public spectacle where people would laugh at her pain and designate her as untouchable.

No, Christine ended up with a simple case of genital warts, passed on from the rounds and rounds of intercourse. Nothing life threatening or devastating ("You don't have it that bad, sweetie."), but something that marked her as not the good girl, ruining her skin forever. She still went to church on Sunday, although now whispers --mostly untrue rumors-- surrounded her wherever she went. All because she didn't remain vigilant and read her bible. All because she opened up to someone, because she listened to society and her boyfriend and compromised. No man or woman ever got close to her romantically again (" have warts! What type of skank are you?"), and she died a lonely death.

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