Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

And now something for the public...

Great, I forgot what it was I was supposed to write.

Seriously, I had something in mind, something I was going to put as a Livejournal post...but I guess I'll just ramble.

On one hand, I'm a fan of things, although most of the things I consider myself a fan of I wouldn't dare list as an LJ interest. Why? Because super-otaku -- not devoted anime fans, but people who eat, breathe, and live their favorite products (be it Eastern or Western in origin), shut themselves in their house and think of nothing but the original work -- would come and clamp down on me because I forgot a line, didn't see an episode, forgot two of Dean Malenko's thousands holds, or remember which technobabble was used on which stardate. Although people accuse me of never admitting when I'm wrong, I make mistakes and acknowledge them. I write things that aren't true, but the thing is people lord it over you and then say, "You're wrong all the time and all the shades of gray I usually apply don't count when it comes to you." Now look, I admit I'm an absolutist, but the thing is I try to be consistent about it. But these people, because they happened to see or retain more knowledge at times than I did, try to put on the open-minded act but then flip the script when it comes to me. Then, because they know no one but me is going to call them on it. In response they give that "I don't care" when I do expose them.

On the other hand, there are lots of popular things I'm not a fan of, and looking at it from a non-fan's perspective, I can see where a lot of the friction is silly. I can loosen up and poke fun of things at times (a hypothetical example is below). Then the charge is "you don't know what you're talking about" or "how dare you talk about (insert insulted subject)" Okay, you say I'm too serious, to not get all uptight about every little remark. Then you critcize me when I do have a little fun? Where is the consistency?

Example: When I was away and in a motel room, I caught glimpses of a Harry Potter film. I don't like Harry Potter, never will read the books unless my eyes were forced open and the a book placed in front of them, and from what I saw of the first movie (I never saw the whole thing) I didn't like it. So it was only by chance I saw it. I don't know which one it was and since I wasn't trying to really pay attention to it, I don't know what was going on all. Heck I didn't even know it was Harry Potter at first. All I know was that there was, a creepy pedophile dude who looked like he wanted to get into Harry's pants, MacCullay Culkin's little brother being a showoff then getting hit in the chest and going down like a little bitch, rejects from that other stupid Lord of the Rings, and psychodelic sequences that had me wonder if this "magic" crap wasn't just really some bad LSD and some 'shrooms.

If this is what Harry Potter is about, now I see why the fundamentalists are against it. It's a veritable live action anime with hot NAMBLA sexual undertones. Then again, when I saw what looked like perhaps the only black kid in the movie make some crack about black getting anywhere, I turned the channel. Kid, you are not Chris Rock. Dont try it.

Now I remember what it is I want to write. In addition to the entry a I wrote couple of days I was also reminded of another of my quirks people deride me for. I resolve never to let people who are suberly skilled into my circle of friends. Don't worry, anyone on my Friends list is are safe. You've been grandfathered in, as have some others. But the things is despite how many or few decent talented people are out there that I know, there are infinitely more who claim to be nice and first say I'm not that bad and encourage me but later deride my entire life (not just my product) as inferior because they didn't think I tried hard enough. Hey, it's one thing to say I suck in general, because I do, and if you think I try too hard, then I can understand that, but it's another to say I don't give an effort at anything is hypocritic elitism at its worst.

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