Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

State of Affairs

Ever since the new year, I've been talking about how I want in essence a cult of me and that I have to be careful who I trust. That's true, as is true my adage about never trusting the talented. After this latest shakeup, my circle of on-line friends has shrunk once again. Still, I have more faith in the friends that do remain faithful and a hope that even the ex-friends of mine will prove me wrong and won't betray whatever confidence I instilled in them.

But I'm going to be a tiny bit less paranoid.

I'm going to be a little, just a little, more open. While I have ranted about people I can't trust, at the same time I'm not going to ignore the words of people who aren't close to me. No, I'm not teling the public my home address or my telephone number. But people want me to open up, so I might end up giving a name, a picture, small stuff to people who don't know me, or barely know me. Actually I've already started down this path, even though I haven't made any big announcements about it. At the same time, I expect anything and everything I told in confidence or Friends Only to remain secret, no matter what I talk about in public. There are some things I don't want everyone to know. If you don't think you can remain silent on my request, no matter what, then please let me know. I'll take a lack of a timely response as consenting to these terms.

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