Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Another story! Yes it's safe to come in!

After an unseasonably warm January day, the RCA Dome stood silent in the night. Gone were the media, the fans, and all the noise they brought in tow. Instead this building was perfectly placid in this unusual silence, an attribute Sailor Steeler greatly appreciated. It wouldn't be this quiet on Sunday, when all the fans would be rooting against her and the stadium turned into a coliseum of bloodlust.

It wouldn't be this quiet for long either.

She heard the familiar figure approach from behind, the series of footsteps sounding like hooves on the artificial turf. Sailor Steeler turned around with a smile to see a tall woman in a uniform similar to hers. Unlike Sailor Steeler, the woman's hair was long and white, swept into a ponytail that resembled the style's namesake. Her collar and skirts were a royal blue, while her bows were white with horizontal, blue stripes. Her blue boots only reached her ankle, with a higher heel and white laces in the front. She continued her approach like a woman possessed until she stopped just feet away from Sailor Steeler, her heavy, hot breath imposing its will on the very air.

"We meet again," Sailor Colt greeted coldly.

"It's good to see you again," Sailor Steeler answered slowly, puzzled by her fellow NFL Scout's demeanor. Normally, Sailor Colt was as amicable as Sailor Steeler, if at times a bit more truculent. Now her blue eyes which once glistened with warmth were frozen with fury.

"Save the talk, loser." Sailor Colt turned her head and spat on the ground, then returned to her icy gaze. She stretched her arms with her fingers interlocked, cracking the joints in a series of snaps. "Why don't we just get it on right now?"

"What's the rush? Sunday will be here soon enough."

"Not soon enough for me."

Sailor Colt dropped to the ground in a three point stance and dashed toward Sailor Steeler. Surprised by both the timing and foolishness of the attack, Sailor Steeler did not leap to get out the way. Instead, she extended her staff, emblem first, into the path of Sailor Colt. Determined, Sailor Colt tried to ram it out of the way. Instead, she was literally stopped in her tracks by the staff.

"What the matter with you?" Sailor Steeler asked. "I just wanted to wish you a good game on Sunday."

"That's the talk of losers."

With that comment, Sailor Steeler was officially ticked off. She pressed her staff deeper into the abdomen of Sailor Colt, who began to grimace in pain.

"How would you know unless you were one?"

Suddenly, a purple glow accompanied by an otherworldly hum engulfed Sailor Colt. Surprise caused her to weaken her stance, giving Sailor Colt enough momentum to tackle her. Sailor Steeler stepped out of the way, allowing Sailor Colt to dash past her several feet. Sailor Colt spun around, but did not try to encroach upon Sailor Steeler. At the same time the purple flame around Sailor grew taller and the whispery moans grew louder.

This was the Infernal Aura.

"Calm down!" Sailor Steeler shouted, even though she knew it was useless. The Infernal Aura was all-consuming, preying upon the weakness inherent in all souls. Only Sailor Colt's defeat would break the hold it had on her.

"My anger is your gift from ten years ago, a gift I've cherished ever since." Sailor Colt spread her lips in a twisted grin, unable to stop the waterfall of emotions from spilling out her mouth. "You do remember what happened ten years ago? I was a little Wild Card like you were, upsetting people left and right. Then I met you. Remember the hail mary..." Tears streamed down the side of her face as her the pace of her breathing quickened. "Super Bowl XXX should have been mine! Instead you disgraced the AFC and lost it. You killed my dream and the AFC dream!" The Infernal

"That's the way of the NFL Scouts," Sailor Steeler responded. "We fight each other. There's a winner, but we move on. We're still friends..."

"Do you think this is a game?" Sailor Colt clenched her fists so tightly that it made Sailor Steeler's hurt just by looking at them. "Do you think I have any intention of letting you leave this field alive?"

"Maybe not, but I think you'd better realize something." Sailor Steeler took a breath, then walked toward Sailor Colt, stepping so close to her that the purple flame threatened to swallow her as well. "If our places are reversed, from ten years ago, remember how you beat the #1 seed in the second round that year to get to me." She raised her left arm and looked at her wrist. "It's only nine o'clock; it's not midnight yet."

"But it will be."

"Not on Sunday." Sailor Steeler turned then walked away, certain that Sailor Colt would not attack her from behind. She threw a parting comment that would ring in Sailor Colts ears for days to come. "You're out of shape."

Sailor Colt wanted to lunge at Sailor Steeler, but the effort had taxed her to the point where even the Infernal Aura could not strengthen her. She needed rest. Then she would use her secret weapon. Already her trigger finger was itching to use it.

And for the first time in a long time, Sailor Colt began to laugh.


I think this piece turned out better (albeit, still cliched) since I had to rewrite it. And yeah, I know Sailor Colt's design is messed up, but that's because the Colts have a BORING uniform. Get some new colors.

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