Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Not back...just looking...

You know it's funny. I go away and in a moment of weakness, I came back to check things out. I find out someone has hacked my dead Fortunecity site. Wow. How mature!

If this were the first time this happened to a site of mine (this is the second), I'd be a bit angry. And this time, they reset the password so I can't upload again.

If I cared, I'd be mad and probably try to petition to get the site back. But, to my surprise, I don't care. All they've done is further sever my ties of my on-line identity. Soon all trace of my on-line existence will be gone, since I'm sure pretty soon the culprits will be targeting this LJ next. Thanks for speeding the process along.

I'm screening comments to this entry because I'm a little paranoid, and understandably so, I hope.
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