August 30th, 2004

Sailor Steeler

I miss...

It's been quiet on my end recently, but in these quiet times I think of the people I know on-line who I've lost contact with solely due to my own carelessness. There's this one guy in particular who passes through my thoughts. He went by the screen name of Bushin, and though he gained a reputation of being strict and serious, he was really just a mature young man in a sea of childishness. He'd probably be about 27 or 28 right now. I can't remember his exact age, though, since it's been so long since I talked to him, but I miss him terribly. It's my fault. I should have e-mailed him when I got the chance instead of forsaking one of the oldest functions of the Internet for AIM and message boards. Heck, had I done something differently a couple of years back, I would have (inadvertently) run across him in real life. But that was years ago. Years ago I thought people were better than what they were. Still, I miss him, in a different way than I miss the others. He was the one that got away.

All I can wonder is "what if..."

And "what if..." makes me think of more randomness.

The woman of Water...the crystal sea. She is slow, controlling water, ice and stream. Even the flow of time is at her command. But time can only be sped up or slowed down. Like a river, it cannot be stopped forever or made to flow against its natural course without penalty.

The woman of Fire...the brutal moon. The huntress will consume us with her fire, her silvery speed and flaming anger hotter than an oven. Like a devil from hell, her horns are covered with the burning blood of those she torments.

The woman of Wind...the night fairy. She is the dream, the pinnacle of perfection. Life and death flow through her wings. Like a wind she can sleep, but can later burst forth from her slumber in a colorful gale, tossing lamposts and flower petals alike in a dark cyclone.

The woman of Earth...the destroyer. She surrounds herself with crushing boulders and tight caverns. She herself is elusive, and like a landslide she moves from one place to the next. Unstable as ground above an earthquake, as powerful as bolt of lightning, she can poison as well as protect, and attack as well as attract.

Four creatures, their only adversary...the unknown.

Water puts out Fire. Fire engulfs Wind. Wind scatters Earth. Earth usurps Water. That is the cycle.