January 23rd, 2005

Sailor Steeler


It snowed practically all day today. This snow did not sneak up on us, but it has effectively confined the family to the house for the time being. I personally am glad, because I don't want leave my house. It also means I won't go to church in a few hours and will instead spend Sunday morning sleeping.

On a brighter note, I was able to get my old computer to work again, and I was able to bring over some of my text files. I took a look through them and I found something stupid I wrote. Unlike a lot of my work, this one is clearly dated. It was supposed to be one of those continuing stories where I add a section and someone else adds a section. But no one picked this up, I just let it sit there after this text block.

Collapse )

This was supposed to obviously lead into Sailor Moon coming in and saving the day, but after that, for perhaps the ONLY piece of anything I wrote, I really had no idea how to develop and/or resolve this. While the three guardian angels had parallels to certain characters, I wanted them to be just that parallels, not necessarily the characters themselves. Ironically, I made more progress on a throwaway piece than I have on my proper fanfic.