January 29th, 2005

Sailor Steeler


Six days later...I think I can put a few sentences together to form a sentence.


Okay, an exaggeration, yes, but still, it's just another example of everything that's been going wrong. I'm not saying I don't have a good life. On the contrary, my life is excellent. But even with all the excellence, I'm a nobody. I don't want to be famous, not by a long shot. I do want to have influence over people, because that influence is power. Moreover, I want a legacy, and I don't mean children. I want followers who would continue and spread my dreams, ideas, and hopes long after I'm gone to the point where I become more famous in death than any person alive. I want to be remembered as I am, and that who I am becomes the new ideal. But I also want a taste of that now. Not the whole thing. I can't handle that, but I would want a decent sized group of people so devoted to me that they'd do anything I asked of them, including giving me their money, possessions, happiness, talent...even their very souls.

So what if it's wrong! Does it make it any less valuable than your dreams?