May 5th, 2005

Sailor Steeler

A whole month? Ouch!

A couple of months ago there was this LJ game of sorts where you took a list of your favorite forms of entertainment you followed and asked the people who read your journal to choose your favorite character or couple. It's a good way to see how well your friends knew your tastes. I've decided to twist this game and make it a list devoted to my least favorite characters. If that sounds confusing, here it goes in a simpler description -- I list the fandom and you guess my LEAST favorite character.

Some of these characters I hate because they aren't well-written. Some I hate because they embody all the annoying qualities I see in myself. Some I hate for aesthetic reasons (yes, I'm shallow). Some I hate "just because." So if you don't know anything about the particular subject I'm talking about, guess anyway. If you get it wrong, I'll give you a hint and you can try again. When you get one right, I'll edit this thing to say why I dislike this particular character. I'll try to keep it short (if not, I'll LJ cut it) Also, you don't have to guess all of the answers at once. It's up to you.

A few notes.

*All of my least favorites are either main characters or on the upper tier of supporting characters. Familiarity breeds contempt.
*With the exception of Final Fantasy VII and Darkstalkers (which have been guessed correctly already), the cast lists for each are on and For some of the lesser known series...that's unfortunately all the on-line help that's out there.

Note: I have decided to put a Hatred Level at the end of my analysis that is on a scale of one to ten. This pretty much sums up how angry/annoyed this character makes me. Despite the scathing analysis some characters I can tolerate more than others.

Edit: As of 2015, the game is still open, ten years later, so if you're trolling though my old posts, you can still reply.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

2. Darkstalkers -- Demitri Maximov a.k.a Demitri Maximoff. Of all the characters I hate, my hatred of him is more rooted in the aesthetics than the others. When you think of a vampire you either think of the attractive, seductive men and women who charm their way into your neck or the scary Nosferatu types who care only about the blood and ripping it from your body. Demitri is neither. He wears a bluish gray suit with that fits him too tightly and pairs the look with boots that make him look like a cheap Superman rip off. His aura is annoying. His hair is simply bad and he looks like he needs a comb, brush, and a hair stylist. Even his true form is a little..."blah." I don't like him or his animations. And his motivations really, really suck. He just wants to be lord of the night and dominate Morrigan...although from what I've heard the anime tries to inject some romance into this relationship. EWW!!! Needless to say the cartoon version of him sucks (and I DON'T mean blood) as well, although sadly, he does look better in that horrible show than he does in the canon Darkstalkers universe.

Hatred Level: 5 -- I dislike him, but he doesn't ruin Darkstalkers for me.

3. DBZ -- Vegeta. Just the very mention of his name gets my blood boiling. There are plenty of petty reasons why I hate him -- he's not aesthetically pleasing, his "angry boy antics" are annoying, he never pays for any of the heinous actions he's committed, and a lot of others. What I hate most about this character is how static he is in comparison to the others in this show. You can always count on him to let his "Saiyan Pride" to get in the way and do something stupid like letting Cell reach his perfect form or letting Babidi control him. The sad thing is that this character has had more than enough opportunities to change a little more than "At least he's not blowing up planets for fun anymore." And yet he never evolves. He puts his own needs in front of that of his friends and family. He's always defining himself by "Kakarott" even when he has everything most characters dream of (Does this sound familiar to you?...Quit looking at me!). He's an egocentric maniac who is powerful enough to be dangerous but never powerful enough to satisfy his own bottomless pride. There needs to be a special place in the Home For Infinite Losers for involving barbed wire, gasoline, and ocean of never-ending flames.

Hatred Level: 9 -- A waste of animation he is.

4. Final Fantasy VII -- Cait Sith. His design is awful. A cat riding a giant stuffed moogle? Give me a break. The moogle doesn't even look like a moogle for starters, and Cait Sith has the most inconsistent manner of speaking. Then he betrays the team and yet without really paying for it somehow manages to stick around through the entire game. He's so bad that he manages to become memorable for his ineptitude. His Limit Breaks suck. His stats suck. His animations suck. And worst yet, he's a mandatory character. The fact that he turns out to be controlled by Reeve doesn't make it any better...just another stupid plot point that, if you think about it, doesn't make any sense at all. Then again, neither does that game...

Harted Rating: 6 -- He's my least favorite character in all of Final Fantasy, which ironically enough LOWERS his hatred rating. I can't summon the anger to despise him as much as I should.

5. G vs. E (a.k.a. Good vs. Evil)

6. Playmakers

7. Reboot

8. Sailor Moon -- Sailor Mars, a.k.a Rei Hino, Raye Hino. How do I hate her? Let me count the ways. She's a bully, she pinched Amy to get Amy to agree with her, she's a brat, a hyprocrite who yells at Serena for doing the same things herself, a woman with a temper so bad she makes the Hulk look like a gentle giant. She stole from Serena in the dub (a change that was way more in character than the orginal "Usagi trusted me enough" tripe....I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her), she's cruel and verbally abusive to Chad, her supposed boyfriend. When Raye and Darien are together, all they do is mercilessly tease Serena. She bosses her classmates around. How Ms. Hino has a pure heart, I'll never know...unless it's pure evil.

Hatred Rating: 8 -- The only reason why she doesn't get a 10 is because she does mellow out later on in the series.

9. X-Men -- Wolverine a.k.a Logan, Patch, James Howlett, etc. It might seem surprising that I utterly despise what is widely considered Marvel's coolest character. But this man is anything but cool. He's a character with a past that has been rewritten so many times you really don't care who he is any more. Plus that fact that he's so anti-authority is supposed to be "cool." Please. All it means is that he just relies on the el-cheapo, waaaay overused, healing factor to save his butt when he breaks the rules. I imagine he stinks terribly. He doesn't look like he takes a bath, he probably has cigar breath (I don't care if he did stop smoking or not), and just creeps me out in general. Not scary or intimidating due to his power, but causing aversion due to being the ultimate turn off. He's ugly. He's got an attiude problem and really needs some anger managment courses. And of course, he's dealt these overly dramatic and sad series of events so we're supposed to feel sorry for him, even though he doesn't show any signs of caring. The sad thing is Hugh Jackman's portrayal and Bryan Singer's direction actually makes Wolverine something of a real person rather than the embodiment of the overpowered "bad boy" he is in every other incarnation.

Hatred Rating: 9 -- Loses one point ONLY because of the quality of the actors playing him.

10. WWE -- Hunter Hearst Helmsley a.k.a HHH, Triple H, The Game A lot of people have hated him for a while, but I can recall disliking him as early as 1997, when he decided to join Shawn Michaels and form Degeneration X. From there on, he was the recipient of an ill-deserved push, became popular not due to his wrestling ability but a silly gimmick, a low point being that stupid DX skit in 1998 when DX impersonated the Nation. Or it would have a low point had HHH not gotten worse. The breakup of DX gave him a bigger push, and in turn his character became less and less interesting. He became the "cerebral assassin" although he wasn't really cerebral. He just became an angry heel who spat water in the air and created such "memorable" quotes like "My anger is my gift." It's like the WWE took the worst attributes of the characters listed above (Demitri's lackluster motivations and physique, Vegeta's cockiness and demeanor, Cait Sith's uselessness, Raye's anger and meanness, Wolverine's resilience and over-poweredness), then put them in a blender and called it THE Game. I don't just hate HHH the character as far as the actions are concerned, I depise what HHH has done to the WWE. Once upon a time, WWE superstars were marketed based on some sort of charisma. HHH wasn't a superstar in his own right, and people citing that 9 minute cheer need to remember it didn't even take a good six months for him to be hated again. This isn't even mentioning Stephanie McMahon, steroids, the sledgehammer, or his wretched performance in "Blade: Trinity"...

Hatred Ranking: 10 -- Unlike the others on this list, I stopped watching wrestling because of him.

Note, I edited the post because I don't think anyone who read this journal would ever get the soap opera ones. I despise Craig Montgomery, Brooke Logan Forrester, and Phyllis Summers all equally, even though I admit Hunt Block, Katherine Kelly Lang, and Michelle Stafford are superb actors to make me hate their characters so.