November 18th, 2006

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No, wait. Now, I'm going to kill myself.

I normally have no life, which is why I thought I could pursue the challenge for the next month. However, I'm not going to be able to do the 24 days of Final Fantasy because I realize now there is no way I can get any playing time in on Saturdays. It's hard enough for me to squeeze time in for this post. A half-hour of playing and time to actually write up a log is too much given all I have to do.

And for any of you who think that maybe I should turn off my "internal editor" or any crap like that, then I present you below the reason why I have to edit as I'm writing. It's not just because of the typos (of which there are plenty)...

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By the way, I did not actually do this, which makes me more upset about not getting there. I tried my damndest and pushing through got me nowhere.
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