June 30th, 2007

saturn, hotaru tomoe

It's another blast from the past...

Once again, I find another piece of paper from the past with an idea that I had long ago discarded. This was an extenstion of a mythology I had created for a high school project, although it's obvious to trace this idea to the various things I stole from. Since I didn't like this mythology sitting by itself, it was to tie into one of the innumerable RPG story ideas I had thought up. I don't know what happened to the piece of paper that detailed the main plot, although it's really your standard stuff (New bad guys show up, good guys set out to defeat this threat, one good guy gets beytrayed then comes back as a morally ambigious savior rather than the pure hearted hero he was as the start.)

The world in which this was supposed to take place in was not some medeival fantasy type place, though, but one where scientific knowledge had gotten far enough for the relationship between electricity and magnetism to be known by scholars and such, but one lacking in some areas -- for instance, no refridgeration. The sad thing is that I've been thinking of revamp the goddesses a little for another project, but I'll let you see the bad stuff now:

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So that's it, for now...