July 4th, 2007

Sailor Steeler

More Bad Stuff...

Sometimes, I remember things as better than what they were.

Take that discarded notes for the discarded plot in my last post for instance. I remembered the content, sadly, to be better than what it was. I won't use the excuse that it's ten years old, because upon rereading this drivel, I'm certain forgot this crap on purpose.  This is actually so bad that it I feel compelled to show it, just to humble myself whenever I think I can do anything.

It was so long that I could not literally type up the whole thing in one night, so I present the character list for now.  I make no attempt to fix the poorly-worded sentences, the changes in tenses, or the terrible grammar.  I transcribe this from the paper to this journal as is, with some minor formatting for readibiliy's sake.

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