October 17th, 2007


Pittsburgh Steelers (Current and Former) With Outstanding Tickets

This is just a general announcement that life sucks, but death sucks even more.

In other news, apparently, there's a website that is making outstanding traffic citations issued within the City of Pittsburgh a public affair.

Of course, the media is making a big deal about Max W. Starks getting four parking tickets in 2006 (most of them in the first half of the year) as well as such as a couple of other ones (TR-0000678-05). WTAE even put it on the news 6AM in big, bold letters, as if to say "Max Starks, pay your tickets!" I'm actually more worried about the driving violation that Larry Foote (TR-0032558-06) has incurred; if he's guilty of reckless driving, that's a pretty serious charge, driving-wise. Usually, an officer won't write a reckless driving ticket unless there's some serious traffic violations going on. However, what's more noteworthy to me are the names of former Steelers who aren't getting attention but also have tickets.

Jason Gildon (TR-0016551-05), who was just in the judicial process last year, has an outstanding parking ticket. I don't know what the back end of the criminal database or databases looks like, but given that traffic tickets are, well, infractions against the law, why couldn't someone just say, "Mr. Gildon, you also have a parking ticket." instead of letting him go after resolving the other case?

But even "lesser" names of recent former Steelers reveal more tickets.

Lee Mays (a receiver who was actually pretty good but the Steelers got rid of him for reasons I cannot fathom) has few outstanding tickets. (TR-0003718-05, TR-0003073-05, TR-0020775-06)

Russell Stuvaints also has two tickets (TR-0003718-05, TR-0025546-05)...at two different addresses!

Chu Kwunweze Okobi, also known as Chukky Okobi, also has a ticket (TR-0004326-06).

There are more names that I can't even think of now who have outstanding tickets. That's not to say or even imply that any of those above are bad people. Many of these tickets were sent to out of town addresses, which could hinder a response. But if it's this bad for Pittsburgh Steelers who have a spotlight on them and do their best to maintain a good image, how much worse is it for other individuals? Like Todd Hollis, who not only has an outstanding ticket (TR-0003182-05), but has not as of yet paid his property taxes for this year.

Edit: I removed the links because they don't work because of the site architecture, but the information is still accessible via those number/letter things (the site calls them Docket Numbers), and if you look up the names, it's still showing up upon a search.