July 22nd, 2008

Sailor Steeler

Kel McDonald: The Untold Story

Since kellhound1365 has decided to not only disparage me publicly but to lie about it, I feel no more need to hide behind masks of protecting the identities of the not-so innocent.

In April of this year, Kel McDonald of Sorcery 101 (a webcomic), got in a heated discussion on the board (dannysdomain) with me over donations, and personally attacked me, She called me worthless and waste of life because I gave criticism, work a minimum wage job, and did not donate to her comic. Although I admit I was not "polite" in my response, not once did I call Kel or anyone else a nasty name in reply, and I did not condemn her work (In fact, I gave several positive remarks to balance my negative ones). Kel McDonald then deleted the whole exchange, even when I caught her in a few inconsistencies (for instance, how she wrote Rebecca would stay punished because I complained about it, then wrote a few moments later that the whole story of Sorcery 101 was planned out years ago and nothing would change it). She then warned me for attacking her multiple times, but stated that I could discuss the issue with her privately, just not on her community.

Please note, that I did not say or imply she was an unskilled artist (she's not), or anything of that nature in her community. I did state she was being inconsistent by citing very specific examples as evidence. I also stated that find it hard to believe her claim that multitudes spontaneously offered her money for no reason from her first strip and she felt compelled to give a donation button in response to the overwhelming generosity she received the first weeks she updated. Given that most comics have to work for their bases, I am still skeptical of that claim, even though I did admit in the next sentence I could not prove it did not happen. Somehow, being skeptical is an attack.

Still, I reflected on the situation, and I thought I would come back to the community, but only to discuss the comic itself. Then Kel started insulting me inexplicably and encouraged her members join in (I've since been called a troll and a monkey even after I expressed positive comments about her work). I wanted to see what I was doing wrong, because I can't fathom what would trigger this response. Since Kel has even stated publicly that loves random AIMs, so I chose that method to talk to her.

Kel, this is Nangbaby. I just wanted to warn you so you didn't think some random person was sending you an instant message for no reason.

I just wanted to say that I was extremely hurt by your comments as of late, but maybe I misunderstood them. Since you mention you love IMs from fans, I just wanted to know if we could use this method of communication to keep the boards clean.

I know you may not be able to respond right now, so I hope in the future you can return my message. I hope we can be adults about this and not dismiss each other needlessly.

She did not reply, either then or later. Instead, the ban is her response. Never mind that I had not even posted anything in Sorcery 101 for several days at this point. I find it incomprehensible how it was communicated that I could discuss matters off the board, and once I begin a discussion in that manner, it is used as an excuse to ban me.

Personally, if someone bans me if I broke a rule in existence I can't complain, but I am infuriated by the "I'm banning you because I don't like you" attitude. Sure, a person can act in that fashion, but that's not a mature way to handle criticism. It is also contradictory given that Kel McDonald wrote (in the deleted conversation) that she did not ban people because she didn't like them, as that would not be professional. More importantly, after I reached out to her and tried to be respectful, she decided to take action against me specif ally for reaching out to her. Note how the notification that I was banned did not come in the original comment or as a response to anything I wrote in either community, but as a communal decision. (This is very strong evidence my instant message was passed around, despite me receiving the silent treatment for my message.)

If what I did was so self-evidently wrong, why did Kel feel the need to not only to ban me, but to delete all evidence (even her own replies and posts) of what I supposedly did to deserve such a banning? In fact, she and others bragged she would ignore my words from the point of the initial argument, provided that I did not break any of the six rules. Still, I was banned for writing "negative" things such as this...

As far as the art is concerned, though, the pages you have drawn make an excellent counter-argument against mine, as they are fantastic. One of the things that bugged me about the early comics was that I initially couldn't tell upon first reading if it were day or night based on visuals. Still, the black and white art did have its charm, and it took a while for your coloring skills and general layout abilities to get to the level where it could tell the story without losing the charm. I also like how you removed the pointed teeth from Rebecca's...reverse silhouette thingy. For a long time, I thought she actually did have fangs.


You condensed the dialogue and took out a lot of the jokes. Although I miss the humor, I can understand why it was done -- the early comic was a bit too heavy on humor compared to what came later on. I am also glad you took out the blatant exposition. Better to let us learn more about Sorcery 101's world by looking at it than by telling it.


I might complain a lot, but so far this arc is something I would like to see, instead of the idea of adventure for adventure's sake. While I know Danny will never do the things that I'd like him to do, I do hope that he does realize that his lifestyle is at odds with his personal life far more than a mere inconvenience and seriously re-evaluates his life.
And, despite my initial quibbles, I like Strange Someone a lot better than Sorcery 101 in terms of writing, even though I prefer the art in Sorcery 101.

Finally, in Strange Someone...

This may seem odd coming from me, but I do genuinely wish Mia well in her new job, despite not knowing her well.

Sometimes, real life takes precedence, I'd much rather see someone recognize that and step back than try to burn themselves out and try to do too many things.

I also admit that I love the democratic approach you are taking toward Strange Someone's future, and I applaud you for your efforts with this comic. Since the comic is still "young," then I'm glad to actually see it evolve, growing pains and all.

You can actually look the posts up to see that these excerpts are not unrepresentative samples. But given that Kel has decided to not let me give her compliments, that's fine, but I do have this to say to Ms. McDonald for disrespecting and defaming me in such as childish fashion.

Kel, until you started calling me names and stating that I was a worthless fan because I did not donate to your business, I actually did think highly of you. The fact that you decided to say I attacked you when I disagreed with you is appalling. The fact that you admitted that you did not like people who did not give you money is the embodiment of the very arrogance that I rail against.

Just keep ignoring me. That's what I want. If no one reads this, then all the better. Don't respond either here or on Sorcery 101's various forums, or have your subordinates come after me. But I won't let anyone forget that you said that people who don't pay for your comic shouldn't ever give criticism and implied that anyone who did not donate was stealing from your "store" and "business." Sorry, but despite your talent, I now have a very low opinion of you. In my opinion, you are an unprofessional, extremely rude, and dismissive artist who cannot stand being told "This is fine, but this could be done better." Since you have shown me no respect with your belittling tone and actions, I have no respect for a conceited and stubborn woman such as yourself.