July 30th, 2008

Sailor Steeler

Stuff I don't tell...

Within the past 12 months, the following has happened:

*My dad had a minor fender bender (his fault) and tore the running board off the car. He was okay, the car was not okay for much longer, though, so we had to get a new car.

*As I mentioned in a previous LJ post, my house got bombed. Seriously, an explosion knocked out a window. The police refused to investigate. Everything got fixed anyway.

*My grandfather died without any life insurance, leaving us to pay for the funeral expenses out of pocket. A few weeks later, my grandmother went slightly the deep end and pulled a butcher knife on my mom.

*My dad injured his back and had surgery for a shattered L4 disc, and has had to be off work for over two months. As a result, I am supporting my parents financially off my very meager salary (at least I got a raise).

Now given the series of events, I could have easily asked people for money in real life or on-line, but I know that these problems are a drop in the bucket compared to the stuff people are going through. For instance, I know a woman who is being downsized from her job after 20+ years of working in a field, and despite her immense work ethic, she has been unable to find a job as of yet, and she has bills to pay.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely why I do look down on people who publicly ask for money to get a new tablet, to pay off a loan, to pay for pregnancy expenses (or those of their wives), or because they want a nice new computer. Asking for money should be done because someone needs it. I don't need it, despite all items I listed above. I've just cut a few corners here and there to make it. Why can't other people do the same?