January 19th, 2009

Sailor Steeler

Random Thoughts

It's a good thing that the Steelers won tonight, because with the past few weeks I had, I need any enjoyment I can derive from anything. So instead of whining about that stuff, I'll just make random comments that have been stored inside of me for a while, but I had no reason to tell anyone.

- Until the commercials started airing on televsion, I had no idea there was another Underworld movie being made. Now, normally, I'd feel stupid for not knowing when something like this comes out, simply because I like to know when to look in the paper to read the reviews. I like reading movie reviews, even of movies I don't watch.

Well, with this news, I'm there is no way Dragonball: Evolution can be worse than this, even if it tries (and it certainly is trying). I'm a sucker for stylish action/horror flicks, but dedicating a whole prequel to a flawed movie with a horrendously written sequel stretches even my imagination. Then again, somehow Underworld: Evolution made enough money in the box office to warrant a sequel, so I can only hope against hope that the cold weather will keep the "Lycan-lovers" at home.

- Given all the problems I've been having with Opera. I was thinking about switching to Flock. It has a lot of extraneous junk I don't need, but it works a lot better with Livejournal. Then I went to YouTube, tried to view a video with annotations, and the lovely boxes simply don't dispay in Flock. I can't win.

- In a sense, I feel bad for Donovan McNabb. Here he is at the doorstep to Super Bowl XLIII when all of a sudden, those pesky Cardinals actually showed up to play a game. All the easier for the Steelers to beat, I suppose, but still I'd rather they'd have been playing Philadelphia.

- That new series of Geico commercials with the googly eyes is really starting to scare me.

- For some strange reason, I have been having dreams recently about me being pregnant. It's funny. I can feel a cavity in my body that is currenty unused swelling with internal pressure and streching my skin. In one dream I had a child, forgot about it and left it for my parents to raise, then became pregnant again. I guess it's better than dereaming that my sex had been changed, but I still retained my upper female figure.

- You know how before I whined I couldn't get anything done. Finally, I've gotten the point where I really don't care, and accepted that the ideas and dreams I have will never be realized. I still feel an absence, but no longer that burning drive to actually do anything. My initiative is dead, alongside my resolutions.

I probably had more, but right now I'm going to quit.
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